dance like everyone’s watching

13 Sep

There’s a lady in my office who teaches yoga dance and her first class was tonight.  I don’t mind yoga (Side note:  sometimes yoga people are kind of annoying.  No, it’s not even really the people, it’s just when I’m doing it and the instructor is telling everyone to breathe a certain way and clear your mind and my nose is all itchy and I wonder if I’m the only one really closing my eyes and then I have to peak and scratch my nose and it’s not relaxing at all) and I like to dance, so I thought I’d come out and support.  It ended up being me and four other women, including the instructor, which was a good size group for the room and everyone’s first time.  I was the youngest one there by about 15 or 20 years, but I was probably also the most nervous because a lot of the class was just dance-around-like-a-crazy-person freestyle.  I danced for 20 years in ballet classes and jazz and tap, so I’m used to dancing with structure.  Except for the modern dance troupe I joined in college, we did some improvisation there, but I feel like everyone has their modern dance phase in college (in some form or another).  Even in that troupe during improv my friend Danya and I used to preplan and perform little routines to do together so we could look really skilled at being spontaneous while everyone else was just swinging their arms around and leaping. 

 Some people have problems filtering what they say to be appropriate around different crowds.  I may have a problem conforming my dancing to be appropriate around different crowds.  Don’t get me wrong, I have the talking problem too.  Like, you wouldn’t dance at a yoga dance class the same way you would dance to “I Just Wanna Love U” in a club.  I think I did an ok job tonight.  Better than that time I was a camp counselor in the 90s and I conducted a follow-the-leader dance class for 6 year olds and I absent-mindedly started doing the Tootsie Roll in what was clearly an Electric Slide situation.  Proper or not, I really did enjoy this class, and after about 20 minutes I got into it and all the good moves started coming out—the blender, lawn mower, putting away the luggage, washing the hair, etc.


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