13 Sep

Welcome to 141characters!  Why 141 characters, you ask?  Simply put, our genius cannot be contained within Twitter’s confines.  This is a blog by two wordy ladies who are being dragged into adulthood by life (and have been for a few years now) and writing about it.  We live in West Virginia and are constantly amused by the people, food, news, oddball events and festivities here.  We also love it here, so our amusement is sincere.  But so is the mocking.  We don’t wish to insult anyone, but we assume it will happen.  We’re just sharing our opinions, so if you disagree, don’t get upset, just leave a comment and a healthy discourse will ensue.  So enjoy our reflections, thoughts, journalistic accounts, sarcasm, celebrations and broodings.  We’re mostly talking to the people who love us enough to actually have to read this, but others are just as welcome.  We’ll try to keep posting until someone offers to pay us an obscene sum of money to turn our trivial annals into a movie where we are played by Claire Danes and 1993’s Meg Ryan and we are overcome by the fame and we lose our money in shaky Egyptian real estate investments and our narratives become subsumed by product placement.


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