Scrubs, not just a terrible sitcom

17 Sep

I visited a doctor’s office recently and noticed that the receptionist was wearing decorative scrubs—you know the type, bright aqua pants with multi-colored fish printed all over the ill-fitting top.  I’ve witnessed this many other times in a number of different doctor’s offices and each time I think, doctors must be pissed!

I mean, seriously, isn’t that the only reason that anyone becomes a doctor in the first place, to wear pajamas to work?  To think they put up with years and years of medical school, interning, and, residency… TIME OUT… Doesn’t it sound like I’m totally aware of the amount of time and work that people go through to become doctors?  Impressive, I know, but I’m only acutely aware of the aforementioned terms thanks to the two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy that I have watched.  Yeah, it actually took me two seasons to stop watching that horrible show.  I realized that I just committed what many would call blasphemy but honestly, I couldn’t take much more of that whiny Meredith Grey or that self-righteous Izzie Stevens.  Wait, that last part was unfair.  I may be confusing the character with the actress, Katherine Heigl.  That woman is insufferable.

I digress.  Where was I… oh yes… To think that doctors put up with years and years of medical school, interning, residency, etc. and then they show up for their first day at the practice and the woman who schedules appointments or pulls files is sitting there wearing pajama scrubs!  In the words of Michelle Tanner, what a rip-off!

Now, I mean no disrespect to the medical office workers of the world for taking it upon themselves to start wearing these lounge-y, printed ensembles.  Good for you!  If doctors and nurses can be comfortable, why can’t you, right?  Heck, I’d love to wear pajamas to work!  But then again, I’m a housewife; and on many days, I don’t even get a shower until after lunchtime, so I guess in my own way, I wear my pajamas to work, too.  Sorry, Doc.


3 Responses to “Scrubs, not just a terrible sitcom”

  1. Jeannette September 17, 2009 at 10:08 am #

    I don’t like Grey’s Anatomy either and I’m glad to see someone else with a vajayjay feels that way and isn’t judging me for it

  2. Libby September 17, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    I love that you incorporated what may be my two favorite shows of all time into this one posting – Full House AND Saved by the Bell.

    Zack Morris – rowr.

  3. 141characters September 17, 2009 at 12:33 pm #

    Lib, I’m so glad that you picked up on the SBTB reference.

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