Money for Nothin’

19 Sep

Grown-up purchases are really not fun at all.  But you know what else is not fun?  Having to either spend $10 in quarters or go to your parents’ house to do laundry once a month, sleeping on a crickety old hand-me-down mattress that’s 20 years old, and having to shake dirt off a big carpet once a week outside instead of vacuuming.  Oh, and also having tires that skid in the rain, but that gets filed under grown-up purchases that prevent serious hazards and injuries (slightly easier to purchase due to more significant return).  I would so rather buy other things like shoes and books and adventures.  My mom was talking to me yesterday about how bummed she is that she has to buy a new roof and new windows because there’s nothing flashy or fun about that.  While she would probably rather be spending her money on mountain bikes and bird watching supplies and boomerangs, we have the same opinion on spending thousands of dollars on things that we can’t look at everyday and say “Yes!  Awesome!  My new fun _____ makes me so happy!”  In fact, a washer and dryer would only mean I would have to do laundry more often.  It seems like in order to make these buys, the situation would have to be so dire (leaky roof, broken windows, humanoid washer/dryer plotting to kill you) that said purchases would only stabilize the situation instead of adding any joy the way, say, a trampoline might.  Sadly, I will have to prioritize and start buying some of these things in hopes that I might be a clean, comfortable, functioning adult.


2 Responses to “Money for Nothin’”

  1. Sarah September 20, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    Have you considered one of those brightly colored washer and dryer sets? Then we could put those big magnets or giant stickers all over it. By the time we were through with them, they could be pretty close to the “Yes! Awesome! My new fun surprisingly-vw-bus-like-washer and dryer-set makes me so happy!”

    • 141characters September 20, 2009 at 9:11 pm #

      That is a very good idea… If my washer and dryer looked like jolly ranchers I might be more willing to shell out for them. -g

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