Really, TV?

22 Sep

This is a new feature of the blog wherein I discuss TV shows I enjoyed when I was little but now seem really freakish and deranged.  See if you can guess what they are by the descriptions and I’ll put the answers at the end of the post.

 1. Colorful anthropomorphic creatures that look like a combination of animals, people, toys, pillows and elves live in caves underground and spend their time outsmarting a dog and taking sage advice from a giant pile of trash.  They eat radishes and the workproduct of an industrial and vaguely communist group of creatures that spend all their time stoically building (and rebuilding) fragile systems out of sticks of candy. 

 2. A band of small medieval bears live underground in the woods and fight really stupid ogres.  When they drink this muddy-looking psychotropic substance (which they cook up in their secret labs), they are endowed with the ability to bounce really high and fast and often use it to escape their enemies.

 3. A twelve-year-old girl hangs out with two koalas that transcend time and space to exist both on earth and a special world where native Australian fauna run around like people, and real people are not allowed.  The girl’s grandfather is trapped in the koala’s world but only so he can warn his granddaughter that both of the worlds are about to end.

4. A dirty, hairy Neanderthal runs around eating bicycles and hitting things with his club, which happens to be full of random gadgets.  He occasionally solves mysteries with the help of three sexy, giggling teenagers in tight clothes.  When they aren’t fighting crime, the four of them live in a van called the Teenmobile.


Answers:  Fraggle Rock, The Adventures of Gummi Bears, The Noozles, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels


2 Responses to “Really, TV?”

  1. Matt May September 22, 2009 at 12:04 pm #

    “Noozles” was truly a twisted show I watched as a child as well, and when I ask other people if they’ve ever seen it and I try to explain it to them, they act like I’m the crazy one. I mean when you start talking about anthropomorphic koalas named Blinky and Pinky that come from another dimension called KoalaWalla Land . . . you do sound like you should be locked in a padded room. Luckily, the Internet exists so I can prove to them that I just wasn’t completely high as a kid.

    Nevertheless, I would loved to have done a few shots of Gummiberry Juice!


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    […] critical look at some of the shows I obediently watched without question in the 80s.  In the first Really, TV? I covered some of the classics, these I think get a little more […]

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