Love/Hate: E! Entertainment Television

25 Sep


Anyone who has received an email or a text message from me knows that I love exclamation points (!!!!), so it only makes sense that this week’s edition of Love/Hate covers E! Entertainment Television, the network that also loves exclamation points.


1)  The Soup and Joel McHale. I don’t think that I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like The Soup.  And I mean, really, how could you not love that show or Joel McHale? We all hate celebrities but Joel McHale hates them more and he’s funnier than all of us so we sit and watch and laugh every week.

2)  The Girls Next Door Seasons 1-5. I know, who would’ve thought that I’d fall in love with these three blonde bimbos, but I truly did.  I loved their interactions, their antics, and their fake, forced relationships with Hef.  I loved them so much that I watched the first season of Kendra and will probably even watch the second season.  But I can tell you one season that I won’t be watching… (Spoiler Alert, See Hate #2)

3)  E! News. I love celebrity news and gossip; hence half of the links on the blog roll.  I really can’t help it and E! News feeds into this addiction of mine.  I could do without Giuliana Rancic though, she is hard on the eyes and needs to eat some cheeseburgers.  And stop looking like an alien.

4)  E! True Hollywood Story. This show was a suitable replacement for VH1’s Behind the Music and it covered more than just musicians, so bonus.  I also love that they completed obscure episodes like “Mischa & Kristin: Babes of O.C.” (about “celebrities” Mischa Barton & Kristin Cavallari) and Mr. T.  (Side note:  Did you know that VH1’s Behind the Musicis back?  Probably not because no one watches VH1 anymore, but new episodes started September 10.  Pretty exciting).

5)  Comprehensive Red Carpet Coverage. Award shows are  My favorite part is the red carpet.  I love to see what the stars are wearing and what ridiculous questions people like Ryan Seacrest or those weirdos over at Access Hollywood ask them.  Nothing is more entertaining than celebs being put on the spot.  E’s coverage of the red carpet is especially awesome with their creepy Glam Cam and this year’s nauseating Glam Cam 360.  I also love Fashion Police.  Jay Manuel is my favorite fashionista.


1)  All things Kardashian. Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe, it doesn’t matter.  I hate them all.  They are famous for no reason and continue to be famous because they orchestrate things like engagements for unnecessary publicity.

2)  The Girls Next Door Season 6 and any future seasons. My heart and loyalty remains with the original three girls next door.  I do not want to know these white trash twins or this Holly-wannabe.  Quit trying to force these newbies on us, E!, no one likes them or wants to like them.

3)  Daily 10. I care not for this recycled E! News that is aired directly following E! News.  They repeat the same information but in a more obnoxious way with over exaggerated delivery and facial expressions.  Oh, I have a good idea E!, let’s take the host from The View that everyone, including Barbara Walters, hated and put her on a show.  That will help your ratings.

4)  So True/So False. This is the most ridiculous segment ever.  They make up celebrity “rumors” tell you that it’s false and then tell you what really happened. Check it out. Here’s an idea, maybe you can just tell us what really happened first instead of making it more dramatic than it already is.

5)  Ryan Seacrest. I probably should have added him to my list of celebrities that I hate while the rest of the world loves.  I was over Ryan Seacrest like ten years ago.  But not, America.  Or entertainment networks.  He’s EVERYWHERE and making a crap-ton of money doing it.  He’s on American Idol, E! News, his stupid radio show, hosting this, hosting that.  Oh wait, it’s not just me.  Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie hate him too.  So there.


2 Responses to “Love/Hate: E! Entertainment Television”

  1. Libby September 25, 2009 at 2:22 pm #

    You know who probably hates Ryan Seacrest more than you, me and Brangelina?
    …Brian Dunkleman.

  2. Jeannette October 13, 2009 at 4:20 pm #

    We’re TV Soulmates – except I love the Kardashians – I’ll do my impression of them for you once – they are just ridiculous.

    I concur with like this whole list – aside from the Kardashians – wow i’m commenting a lot

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