Cut it Out

28 Sep

A public service announcement to the people of the world (or at least the 20-30 solid readers that this blog has daily).

I recently worked at a southern college and have remained close with many students and colleagues who continue at that institution.  And by remained close, I mean, I read their Facebook status updates.  Well, this past weekend, comedian Dave Coulier performed at the annual Family Weekend Show.   All weekend, my Facebook homepage was plagued with a common misconception; status updates and comments therein, kept referring to Dave Coulier as “Uncle Joey.”

As a dedicated fan of Full House, I feel that it is my civic responsibility to educate the population on the proper lineage of this classic television sitcom.

Joseph “Joey” Gladstone was never called “Uncle Joey.”  He is lifelong friend to Danny Tanner and moved into the Tanner’s San Francisco household following the death of Danny’s wife Pam to help raise Danny’s adorable, blonde children.

Joey is not an uncle.  However, Jesse is an uncle and is even referred to as “Uncle Jesse.”  Jesse and Pam are siblings and therefore Jesse is a legit uncle to DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.   Later in the series, Danny even becomes an uncle to Jesse’s twins, Nicky and Alex.  Alas, Joey remains Joey.

Joey is an only child; therefore, unless he marries and his wife’s siblings have children, he will never become an uncle.  And, unless he marries Danny’s sister, Zoologist Wendy (which, if you’ve seen Season 5, Episode 18 “Too Much Monkey Business,” you’ll know that this could’ve been a possibility), he will never be a true uncle to DJ, Stephanie, or Michelle.

And for all of you visual learners out there, a family tree…

FH Family Tree

So, you see, Joey is not an “Uncle Joey.”  And now you can do your part in educating the ignorant, fair-weather Full House fans of the world along with me.


One Response to “Cut it Out”

  1. Jeannette October 13, 2009 at 4:17 pm #

    Too Much Monkey Business was on TBS the other day – just an FYI

    PS Kim drew attention to herself laughing and Dave Coulier talked to her – surprised?

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