Really, TV? II

6 Oct

It’s time for another edition of Really, TV? in which I take a critical look at some of the shows I obediently watched without question in the 80s.  In the first Really, TV? I covered some of the classics, these I think get a little more obscure. 

1. A vampire duck who eats only carrots lives in a castle in Transylvania with a big fat nanny and a hunchback.  He pursues fame and fortune as a musician and the three travel the world and space fighting stupid French villains and a talking egg.

2. After the “cataclysm,” or some unknown huge catastrophe, a city is buried underground and lit up by a fake sun.  When the sun starts to fail, a young brother and sister break into the city’s hidden archives, create a hot woman in a white leotard, and enlist the help of ex-slave/revolutionary in flying around in a giant horseshoe crab to find the above-ground world.  The show is randomly interrupted by two yellow armadillo-looking creatures dancing around to bagpipe/polka/techno music

3. A hot high school teen uses a magic “computer” to transform into a hot rockstar and travel the world playing in a band with her sister and friends.  (Note: Concept predates Hannah Montana)  She seems to be motivated to rock by her desire to earn money to rebuild a home for children, that she may or may not have lived in at some point.  The band is regularly tormented by a rival band that, let’s face it, rocks harder though it is made up of snooty rich girls.

4. A white dog with pink hair and sunglasses works for a newspaper writing an advice column in an office of humans, assisted by a cyborg who translates the dog’s words into English.  She bops around the world with her human butler in a flying robot when she gets letters from people in distress so she can save them.

Answers: 1. Count Duckula, 2. Spartacus and the Sun Beneath the Sea, 3. Jem (and the Holograms), 4.  Poochie


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