Weekend Observations

12 Oct

Following are random thoughts and observations of the weekend that did not warrant an entire post individually.  They probably don’t even warrant a post together, but here they go.

You’ve Been Served, Community

I was feeling pretty good about myself for volunteering with a friend to help out at the International Chili Cook-off on Saturday.  I realize it’s not like we were reading to children or sending shoeboxes of presents to Bosnia or anything, but it was still community service, as it was run by the MS society.  However, when we got there they didn’t really have anything for us to do so they told us to empty the ballot boxes (which looked conspicuously like trash cans and were often used as such, gross!) every half hour.  Except, even then this old guy emptied the ballot bins and we were left with nothing at all to do except drink beer behind a golf cart and laugh at people.  Objectively, that’s a pretty awesome volunteer opportunity, but even I couldn’t walk away feeling like I had made a difference other than in the tip jar at the Budweiser tent.

Trouble Shopping

I went shopping for work clothes the other day and got a little frustrated.  I waited patiently all summer for everything to stop being in that bright fuchsia purpley pink.  It was the trend and it was everywhere.  I even succumbed at one point and bought a sweater in that color.  And now I am waiting patiently for ruffles to pass.  Ruffles are everywhere right now—on shirts, sleeves, skirts, pants, jackets.  It’s an ok look, but not so much on me.  I tried on a few ruffley items and felt sort of birdish or carnivally.   So now I will sit by and let ruffles run their course and crankily await the next big fashion trend.

Words and Phrases New Age People Like

This Sunday I had a healthy dose of New Age with an hour of yoga dance and a sage smudging ceremony at a coworker’s house.  It was a lot of fun, the dancing and the smudging, and good for me to do something new with people I don’t know.  Here are some words and phrases I heard a lot of either this weekend or in New Age experiences past:   “Journey,”  “Thank your body,” “Center,”  “Concentrate on breathing” (This one gets to me.  The reason breathing is so great is that you don’t have to concentrate at all.  And if you can’t breathe, it’s probably not because you aren’t concentrating), “Guide,” “Heal,”  “Cleanse,”  “Soul.”

Rashida Jones and I Would Not Be Friends

I watched an old episode of the office this weekend where Jim was dating Rashida Jones and I was struck with a familiar feeling of unease and enmity.  Familiar because it was the same feeling I had watching “I Love You Man,” of which I only saw half because I fell asleep in the middle.  The problem is Rashida Jones.  There’s just something about her and I can’t quite articulate it, but I will try.  It’s like being in high school and you might not be a cheerleader or one of the really popular girls dating the soccer players (or football players, but I think in my school it was the soccer players, I can’t remember), but you are popular in your own little group of the smart weirdos who did things like run the “Mike Hawk” for class president campaign, and change all the “Key Club Coat Drive” signs to say “Monkey Club Goat Drive,” and make a drinking game out of Risk.  And then all of the sudden Rashida Jones, who is in a totally different crowd shows up in your group, and the boys are trying to be not as weird because they think they all have a chance with her and your friends starting fighting and getting a lot less entertaining.  I don’t mean to be cliquey, if she was really that cool it wouldn’t matter and we’d be friends, but something tells me she is just here for the weekend to bask in the attention of nerdy boys.


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