Singled Out- Side B

15 Oct

Speaking of Jordan Knight, shortly after I posted Singled Out last week, I realized that I had so many more CD single adventures to share.  And that brings us to today’s post.  Although I really do feel compelled to continue writing about TV or food.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Jordan Knight- Give it to You

Like so many storylines in the late 90s, this video features a nerd girl (who is really just a pretty girl with glasses) who turns into a hot girl and suddenly garners ageless Jordan Knight’s attention.  This video is also set at a carnival, but if you listen carefully to the words, this song is so totally NOT about a carnival.  I can’t even reproduce the lyrics here, this being a family blog and all.  I do love how at the 3:27 mark, it makes a lame Grease reference.  The dancing in this video is so tight though!  Get it, Jordan!

Spice Girls- Say You’ll Be There

They say that fashion fads return after so many years and lately, I’m beginning to think that the same is true with musical groups that were popular when I was young.  NKOTB made a comeback, I hear the Backstreet Boys are doing the same, and now the Spice Girls.  Don’t get too excited, it looks like Posh won’t be joining the reunion.  Victoria is probably too busy looking angry and trying to be popular in the US (seriously, Posh, go home, America really doesn’t like you.  And we don’t like soccer either, Becks).

Ma$e- Feel So Good

Ah, the poor man’s Puffy, Ma$e.  A lot of people don’t know about Ma$e because he continually raps, retires, devotes his life to God, returns to rap, and so on.   I think more than anything, he needs to devote some time to enunciating.  Where can I get me one of those shiny, green outfits?  Hot!  No, not the fly girls’, I mean Ma$e’s,  It looks comfy, like pajamas.  Aside: upon his arrival in Bad Boy Entertainment, I thought that Ma$e was Donald Faison from Clueless.  He’s not though.

Faith Hill- This Kiss

*Note:  Google Video is being a jerk and won’t let me embed a video.  So if you are unfamiliar with this single, please click here to watch.

Just to show that I don’t discriminate, my taste in CD singles spanned all genres of music, including country.  Except this is more like pop country.  You can tell that it’s pop country because she’s floating around on flowers and not riding a quad, drinking beer, and talking about buying her half-price lingerie at Wal-mart.

Elton John- Candle in the Wind 1997/Goodbye English Rose

I thought that this was the most embarrassing single that I owned but my husband pointed out that it was like the biggest-selling single ever and Wikipedia (a trustworthy source) verifies this.  So, apparently I’m not the only one who purchased this single.  It’s still lame though so I really don’t have anything witty to say about it.  You know, it’s kinda depressing, don’t watch it; it will bring down this whole post.

Roger Wood- Here We Go

I owned this on a cassette single when I was younger and my husband and I currently own the 2004 version on CD.  (Note:  I tried my best to find the 2004 version to share with you but I could only find the most recent).  I can’t wait until this tune is updated for this season… 6 TIME SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!  I imagine Roger Wood every year taking his synthesizer down to his basement and banging out this year’s updated version.  He must be so excited.  I’m excited.


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