Boss’s Day. Really?

16 Oct

boss cake

October 16 is Boss’s Day, if you didn’t know.  But if you aren’t celebrating it you are not alone.  According to Wikipedia, some lady started Boss’s Day in 1962 by registering it with the Chamber of Commerce and she picked October 16 because that was her dad’s birthday, and her dad was her boss.  Okay.  I have a couple issues with this.  First, there already was a day to celebrate her dad, TWO of them in fact—his birthday and Father’s Day.  Second, whoa, so we can just register holidays with the government?  Why am I wasting time here when I could be out registering holidays like Mailman’s Day and National Day of Soup?

I feel bad for all those people suckered into buying their bosses—who make exponentially larger salaries than they do—cards and baskets of fruit today.  When I was a secretary and made literally ten percent of what my bosses brought home, I didn’t get them a thing for Boss’s Day except for a raised eyebrow and maybe a little less sass.  Maybe.  It’s great when people love their bosses, really it is.  And good bosses should be repaid in gratitude by coming into work on time, filing things in correct order (be it numerical or alphabetical), courteous phone manners, etc.  Surely there should be a day for all of this repayment to occur, right?  Oh yes, there is already a day for it, and I call it “Every Day You Don’t Get Fired.”  If you have a boss you adore, chances are you are already doing these things, and if you hate your boss, well then you are probably not celebrating Boss’s Day anyway, or at least not celebrating it in any appropriate fashion.

One more thing, did you notice in that article that India celebrates Boss’s Day?  If anyone has less cause to celebrate Boss’s Day than our workforce, it’s probably India.


One Response to “Boss’s Day. Really?”

  1. Matt May October 16, 2009 at 11:17 am #

    I’m in complete agreement. Somebody at my job said that it was this Hallmark Holiday. Boss’s Day??? Really? I’m pretty sure it’s “Boss’s Day” Monday through Friday every week of the year minus holidays, vacation days, and sick days for me.

    And my question is if you have a boss, and they have boss, and so on up to the owner or president of your company . . . would you only do something for your immediate “boss” or all of them? Actually, I don’t need an answer. I’m at work right now, and I’m going to stop commenting on a blog and get back to work . . . so there is their present . . . Happy Boss’s Day!

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