Make Up Yo’ Mind

21 Oct

You’re a real jerk.  Yeah, I’m talking to you… Weather.

We had an amazing summer and then in one day, literally one day, you moved winter in, probably hoping that no one would notice.  Well, this girl noticed and she didn’t appreciate it at all.  Goodbye flip-flops and sundresses.  And then we couldn’t even say hello to layers and hoodies as we typically do in the fall.  We went straight to sweaters and coats!

Here are a few other reasons why you, Weather, are sucking lately:

Did you ever hear of a little season called autumn?  You know, the season that brings us all sorts of lovely things like mums, pumpkins, multi-colored leaves, oh and cool nights and brisk and sunny days?  Did you forget about autumn?  Seems like it.

Thanks for that random and unsuspected warm-up yesterday afternoon, by the way.   It was so ungodly cold yesterday morning that I couldn’t leave the house without my winter peacoat and even wished that I had brought my gloves and then suddenly after lunch, I was left standing in the blazing hot sun for 45 minutes… with my peacoat.  Gloves unneeded at that point.

Every college football season, my husband’s family plans to attend one Penn State football game together.  Last season, we chose a bitterly cold game in late November with temperatures dropping into the teens.  Our blue, frigid lips vowed to attend a game earlier in the season this year, say in October, which would be much warmer and more enjoyable.  FALSE.  Thanks to the earliest snow fall in State College, PA history, we couldn’t even make the drive from West Virginia and thus missed the game entirely.  Weather, you owe me $128.

In short, Weather, make up your damn mind.  I love autumn and more so, I hate winter.  So, get your priorities straight, give me the four seasons that I live in this climate for, otherwise, I swear, I’ll move further south.  Just watch me.


One Response to “Make Up Yo’ Mind”

  1. Kristina October 22, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    Just wanted to say that this made me laugh. I totally here ya!

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