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22 Oct

Ok, ok, this week has been a little slow for 141characters.  We know.  We’ve been busy and also suffering from a serious case of blog block.  Or at least I have.  There’s a lot of pressure to come up with witty topics on a daily basis.  So with this recent lull, I made it a point to check the blog stats yesterday to make sure that our loyal readers hadn’t abandoned us at this point.  Well, thanks to some searches via WordPress, our readership remains strong.  But wow, you should see some of these searches.  Talk about random.  Let’s explore:

Top Searches

Our overall top search by over 100 hits is “The Rock.”  I can’t say that I’m surprised, The Rock is gorgeous and everyone knows it.  I learned a valuable lesson about blog writing through this one, too.  More beefcake=more WordPress readers. Because while The Rock remains the highest search term that leads to our blog, each and every one of the hotties featured in my Friendly Five post has garnered our blog some traffic. Even Brian Austin Green.  So, ha!

A close second with over 50 hits is my favorite football coach and yours, Mike Tomlin.  This leading search term also doesn’t come as a surprise to me.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are arguably one of the most popular NFL teams, if not the most popular.  No, sports announcers, Steelers fan aren’t just good travelers, we’re everywhere and that’s why we dominate even away games at times.  Sadly, we didn’t get any searches for Mike Tomlin and his crazy eyes.  I’m shocked because, man, he has some crazy eyes.  All the better to win Superbowls with I guess.

Most Disconcerting

We’ve had quite a few hits off of variations of  the search term:  hating marriage.  Ok, I know that I penned Love/Hate:  Married Life, but I honestly did it in jest and said as such.  I love being married.  Why would anyone hate being married?  In this day and age, no one forces you to get married like they did back in Little House on the Prairie days.  If you didn’t want to get married, you shouldn’t have.  Nothing bothers me more than people who get married because “well, it’s the next step.”  Well, guess what?  If you get married under those circumstances, your “next step” is going to be divorce or unhappiness.  Do us all a favor and stay single.

Most Confusing

Perhaps the most confusing search term on our list of stats would have to be “posh beckham kids bedrooms.”   Obviously our blog gets this search engine hit from Singled Out- Side B and its reference to the Spice Girls, but I’m confused by the addition of kids bedrooms.  So, you had a great idea to decorate your child’s bedroom in a Posh and Becks theme and you thought that you’d check out this idea on WordPress to see if it is in fact original?  Um, it is.  What kind of parent are you?!  They hardly seem like appropriate role models to plaster on your son or daughter’s bedroom walls.  Here are more appropriate kids bedroom theme ideas (adjust as per age, gender, and interest of your child):  High School Musical, Transformers, Thomas the Tank, Yo Gabba Gabba. Better yet, just choose a color.  That’s pretty safe.  Whatever you do, stay away from a vampire theme.

Most Random

By far the most random searches that lead to our lovely little blog are variations of the following: circus in 1930 freaks, circus tents 1930s, 1930’s circus, 1900’s sideshows.  Huh?  This search term obviously leads people to Vitamin G’s post Running Away with the Circus, but the better questions are, why are so many people interested in the 1930s circus?  Did everyone just read Water for Elephants?  Is there some elaborate, old-timey traveling circus that hasn’t visited West Virginia yet?  Do people actually shop for circus tents?  Honestly, we’ll never find out because the blog stats aren’t that in depth.  But hey, whatever leads more readers to 141characters, right?


One Response to “Random Reads”

  1. Kristina October 22, 2009 at 2:55 pm #

    very interesting. it’s neat that you can follow all of that.

    also – like the plug for Yo Gabba Gabba….you are probably the only person without kids that knows about that show! haha!

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