Love/Hate: Going Home

23 Oct


My husband and I are traveling back to our hometown this weekend for a little visit and I can’t think of something that I both love and hate more equally than going home…


1)  Seeing family and friends. I have lived away from home for five years now, more if you count the college years, and so I love nothing more than going home and seeing family and friends.  Everyone is usually excited to see you and you’re not there long enough for anyone to get annoyed with you (or vice versa).  Just happy, good times.  I’m all about that.

2)  Going to my cousin’s football game. Well in this case, my cousin’s football game, but, in general, family gatherings.  One of the things that I miss the most about living away from my hometown is not being a part of the random family gatherings that occur.  Well this weekend, we’ll be able to attend my cousin’s senior night football game at our good ol’ high school and a Steelers party thrown by my husband’s cousin.  Two family gatherings in one weekend, should be fun.

3)  An action packed schedule. Some weekends, we search for things to do, but not weekends at home.  Because we’re only home for essentially two days, we have to cram a lot of activities and visits into those short 48 hours.  I love having things to do and people to see.

4)  The food. To my father, food is love and I love him for that.  He always wants to cook for us and I’m not talking little, regular meals; I’m talking large, almost-a-holiday meal.  And he usually cooks whatever I want because I’m his favorite daughter (although my two sisters may disagree) and sends home the leftovers with us on Sunday.  AND he usually makes special, unnecessary treats like gobs.  Not to be outdone, my father-in-law contributes to this “food is love” theory.  “Amanda, do you want donuts?”  “Nah, that’s ok.”  And then two dozen donuts appear for breakfast, and I usually eat two.  Going home also means that I get to eat local food favorites that you can’t get anywhere else like Galliker’s French Onion Dip.  My stomach is currently growling…

5)  Top 40 radio. I dunno why but we keep moving to these locales that aren’t usually up on the latest top 40 music, so one of our favorite things about traveling home is listening to the local top 40 radio stations.  We always hear some new jams, love them, and then usually don’t hear them again in our current city for another three to six months.  But at least we get to enjoy them for those two short days and become much cooler because if it.


1)  Seeing family and friends. When we go home, we feel obligated to see as many family and friends that we can.  And it’s pretty tough; we’re only home for 48 hours you know.  Seeing family and friends is so much easier when we visit during a holiday.  They are all in one place, one visit and done, more free time.  Sadly, our friends usually get the short end of the stick, but luckily not too many of them live in our hometown anymore and I only have one remaining friend from high school.  Ugh, high school was rough…

2)  Going to my cousin’s football game. Speaking of high school, did I mention that this cousin’s football game is at the high school that my husband and I attended years ago?  Ugh, it is.  There’s something so unnerving about visiting that school post-graduation.  And I ALWAYS see people that I know and they’re usually never people that you want to see, it’s those people.  You know the type that I’m talking about; the people who made high school and living in a small town totally obnoxious.  Halloween is coming up, maybe I can wear a disguise.

3)  An action packed schedule. It’s lovely to have things to do and family to see but man, it’s tiring.  Going home for the weekend is never relaxing and I never get to spend any one-on-one time with my husband aside from the car rides and I’m horrible and find that annoying (see #4).

4)  Traveling in the car. Please refer to Love/Hate: Married Life, Hate #1.

5)  Sleeping in a smaller bed. I don’t know how my in-laws (where we reside when visiting home) expect me to sleep in a queen-sized bed.  My husband is a big guy and he loves to take up space and steal the covers.  We require a king-sized bed.  It’s funny though (and I can tell you this because my grandma doesn’t own a computer or know how to work one and therefore, doesn’t read my blog) because we totally used to fit in a twin-sized bed in college.  With no problem.  And my husband was 60 lbs. heavier.  But we’re spoiled now with our king-sized bed and I can’t get a good night’s sleep in anything else.


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  1. Laura October 26, 2009 at 12:03 am #

    No I am the BEST DAUGHTER

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