(Rap) Music Not for Thinking

29 Oct

I may not like a lot of things like nosey neighbors, Guy Fieri, or vampires, but there’s one thing that I do like, rap music.  So when G wrote about some of her favorite top 40 songs last week, I knew that I had to add to this list of musical genius with some rap.  Now, I must say, that most rap is highly inappropriate.  But not everyone knows about the inappropriateness of rap music because rappers are very clever and use words that Middle America is unfamiliar with.  Well, guess what rappers?  There’s this nifty little website called www.urbandictionary.com and I have utilized it on many occasions to decipher your rhymes (feel free to check it out should you ever have any questions about rap terminology).  Anyways, I still like the tunes regardless of the meaning behind the lyrics and you should, too.  Here are some of my favorites.

Get Low- Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz

This video has everything that you would think a rap video would have:  grills, girls, and stripper poles.  The video and lyrics totally objectify women and I won’t even tell you what skeet (hint:  Urban Dictionary) really means.  But I can’t help it, I love this song.  It was even played at my wedding reception, clean (debatable) version, of course.  More than anything, I love that this song and Lil Jon’s popularity gave us this gloriously funny Dave Chappelle skit.

Simply put, the next three songs are about booties; booties that dance, swing, and dip low.  And I love them because I have a booty; why not own it and celebrate it with catchy rap music?

Ms. New Booty- Bubba Sparxxx

I became known for this song in graduate school.  My birthday cake in 2006 even said in icing “Happy Birthday Miss New Booty.”  Also, I love how Bubba spells his last name with triple Xs, smooth, Bubba, real smooth.  Does that help you pick up the ladies?  Does it?

Swing- Savage

This song never got enough play on the radio and it’s awesome.  This song is so awesome, they made a second and completely different music video for it.  (Wha? Why?)  I also like this jam because I like diversity.  Savage was born to Samoan parents in New Zealand, this makes him my second favorite rapper from New Zealand.

Drop it Low- Ester Dean featuring Chris Brown

Currently, my new jam.  Oh, you haven’t heard it yet?  I’m so hip?  I know and you’re welcome.  My favorite part about this video is a brief appearance by Nelly.  Whoa Nelly, where have you been?  Hanging out with Tim McGraw? Anyways, nice to have you back.

Hey, remember when Kayne West released really good singles?  Neither does he, because he’s a singer now, not a rapper.  Oh and did you know that singing just means vaguely singing a melody into Auto-Tune?  Yes, it’s true, as evidenced by this video clip of Kanye and his “singing” abilities.  I have faith in Kanye though because thus has been his pattern of an awesome album and then a terrible album with a few decent singles, and so on (The College Dropout (2004) = AWESOME, Late Registration (2005) = MEH, Graduation (2007) = AWESOME, 808s & Heartbreak (2008) = MEH).

Here are a couple Kanye singles to help us remember the good times.

The New Workout Plan- Kayne West

Jesus Walks- Kayne West


One Response to “(Rap) Music Not for Thinking”

  1. Mrs Zack Morris October 29, 2009 at 11:31 am #

    First of all, I have a HUGE soft spot for Snoop Dogg. Second of all, Sexual Eruption is my jam. And third, when the video first came out, I said how genius/awesome I thought it was that he made this video in the 70s then waited all this time to release it. ….stupid.

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