Trick-Or-Treat Wrap Up

30 Oct


Last night was trick-or-treat night here.  If you think it’s odd that trick-or-treat night is its own separate night, apart from Halloween, you are right.  The policy here is that if Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday, then trick-or-treat night gets moved to a school night.  The idea being  that fewer children-in-costumes-collecting-candy related shenanigans are going occur on a school night than on a weekend.  Trick-or-treating used to be on Halloween night regardless of what day of the week it was until 1986 when the governor was conned into using the state’s “rainy day fund” to pay for a study on the ratio of tricks to treats, and the conclusion was that having both events on the same night produced more mischief than a city of 40,000 could handle.  Of course, that study was nonsense and the “researchers” were actually out-of-work performance artists, yet we still have trick-or-treat on a different night than Halloween.

Here is a summary of this year’s trick-or-treating in my neighborhood:

Most popular costumes: Princess, vampire

Most outdated costumes: Luigi, power ranger

Least appropriate: The adults not dressed as anything who came up and took candy

Most surprising: No Hannah Montanas

Most annoying: When my weird neighbor called it a night early and dumped all of his gross cheap candy into my candy bowl

Funniest: Chubby kid in Slipknot t-shirt and leggings, really shy little girl in a dress and a bandana over her head throwing around slices of bread.

Most deceptive: Little girl who looked about 10 years old dressed as football player, but when she thanked me for the candy it was clear from her voice she was at least 40

Most entertaining: Fight between Batman and Wolverine

Best animal costume/cruelest treatment of animal: Dog dressed as quarterback

All in all, the costumes this year were pretty disappointing.  Also disappointing was the unwillingness of kids to climb up 18 steps to get free candy.  What is that?  This is free candy we’re talking about.  And while Weird Neighbor had old generic suckers leftover from the 90s, I had nothing but the good stuff.


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