Friday Morning Flashbacks

6 Nov


Hear, hear, Mondoo with all those fab 80s movies.  And way to psychically catch on to the childhood memories theme of the end of the week!  The other day I got a sweet little greeting card in the mail from a friend and I was so excited.   It made me think of how that’s changed from when I was little—getting cards in the mail.  Getting just a card used to be borderline insulting when I was in grade school.  The only thing it meant to me was an abrupt end to the possibility that either a present, candy or money was forthcoming.  But now I love them on every occasion and non-occasion.

Bedtime.  Something else that’s changed since I was little is sleeping.  I used to hate all things bedtime and now I’m a nap fiend.  I remember imagining how much fun everyone was having without me after I went to bed at night, and now I know few things are better than falling asleep in a quiet fluffy bed hours before midnight.

Snow days.  This one conjures mixed feelings because I still can’t help wanting to jump up and down when I wake up and see the roads covered in snow.  Probably because back when this meant school was cancelled the feeling of complete stupid elation was so overwhelming that it may never thoroughly go away.  But nowadays the reality sets in soon enough and I realize school is not cancelled and school is actually a job and snow covered roads only mean danger.

Justice.  Nothing was fair back then.  Someone was always getting more toys or the bigger dessert, I always had to wear hand-me-downs and adults never believed anything we said.  Like when my brother swore that he came up with the Poptarts slogan first, and then Poptarts got all the glory.    Where’s the justice in that?  Things are still unfair and people are still thieving jerks, but on a much larger level, not on an every 5 minutes basis.  And I love hand-me-downs now.

Things that were awesome then and still are:  Saturday morning cartoons, cookies, tv tag, pretending things are rocket ships, firecrackers, muppets.


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