Movie Review: Dead Snow (Død Snø)

9 Nov

dead snow

This weekend I saw the  soon-to-be-classic, Dead Snow, about 7 Norwegian medical students who unwind during Easter vacation at a friend’s cabin isolated in all directions in the snowy Nordic mountains.  It’s all carefree and fun until the Nazis show up.  Wait, make that the Nazi zombies.  This movie has everything: snow, Nazis, zombies.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I still fall on the same side of the argument had by several movie-goers before the show that zombies do not lose defining human characteristics (be them Nazis, monks or Kenyan distance runners) upon becoming zombies.  These zombies were not necessarily preoccupied with the supremacy of the Aryan race, but they were wearing World War II German uniforms and hanging Nazi flags in their zombie lairs.  Also, the point of the movie is that they were avenging the students’ accidental theft of the valuables the Nazis snatched from the townies at the end of the war.  In that respect, the movie had kind of a Goonies II flavor.

Dead Snow left me with a few questions though, in this order.

–       What was the obsession with intestines?  They were a focal point of every zombie attack.  At first I thought the zombies were feeding on them, but when I learned that they just wanted their gold back, that didn’t make sense.

–       On that note, what a waste!  I’m sure any other zombies out there watching this movie would be incensed to see all those guts go uneaten.

–       How did zombies get so strong?  One zombie attack featured a zombie reaching from behind on either side of a guy’s head and ripping his head apart, his brain falling helplessly to the ground.  As his brain was unconnected to anything, it was only a matter of time before this kid died of other causes so maybe his head was more malleable than others’; but bare-handed skull cracking takes strength no matter what.  Again though, no one ate the brain and what a waste, particularly for those brains-inclined zombies.

–       Once it appeared the zombies were content when they had their gold, I had to wonder what they were planning on doing with it.  Surely if they were cognizant enough to have a motive for killing they had some sort of plan.  Were they going to go to town spend it?   Had they been dreaming for the past 65 years what they would buy?  An electric heater?  Transistor radio?  Velcro?

–        If that creepy older guy who showed up at the cabin to tell everyone about the evil that to come was so knowledgeable on the ways of Nazi zombies, why was he sleeping in a tent in the middle of snowy nowhere and SO unprepared with the zombies came for him?  That couldn’t have been a surprise.

All in all, anyone interested in zombies or World War II history should see this movie.  And for those interested in both, your day has arrived.


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