Where I’ve Been

2 Dec

I know some (one) of you have been wondering where I’ve been lately, so I’m giving you some excuses for why my posts have not been up to the frequency you’ve come to expect.

♦      I was concentrating on training before Thanksgiving so that I could eat my weight in stuffing on the big day.

♦       I got to the finals on I Want To Work For Diddy but was eliminated in the second to last episode when my constructive criticism was misinterpreted as “bitchassness.”

♦       I’ve been spending a lot of time driving to and from Scott Depot (which, it turns out, is a depot of NOTHING other than my car every other day).

♦       I got completely wrapped up in a Wings marathon and watched all 7 years of episodes.

♦       My typing fingers got stuck together in an experimental super glue incident and they had to be surgically disconnected.

♦       I had to go on a book signing tour for my new autobiography about how boring and cold it is to be the governor of Alaska.

♦       My computer got swine flu.

♦       I got lost in cyberspace and started posting on another blog for a while, it’s too bad you missed that; those posts were hilarious.

♦       After appearing on TRL in an oversized t-shirt with a cart full of ice cream, I took some time to myself to battle an extreme case of “exhaustion.”

♦       After losing the 1912 election by a landslide I drank my sorrows away sailing down the Amazon River on an ill-fated jungle adventure with few supplies other than bourbon and a lasso.

I hope at least one of these answers your questions or at least assuages your concerns.  Clearly my life is prone to odd marathons, tours and adventures but I will try to post more.


One Response to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. summer December 2, 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    ummm can i borrow your wings dvds? that would be something i could get into…

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