The News

11 Dec

This is a lazy post for me because I was not home for more than five minutes yesterday.  I was in front of a computer for 9 hours, but not a computer on which I can write freely about the hard-hitting issues this blog is known for like which celebrities are annoying and what food is good.

Every morning I read our local newspaper online so I know what’s going on in my community.  And also sometimes it’s hilarious.  I’m just going to fill you in on one of the highlights of yesterday.  Two days ago the Charleston Police made a commendable arrest that makes us all a little safer.  There was an award-winning photographer from DC hired to take some pictures of the federal building and he stopped at the mall to take some holiday pictures on the way home.  What a jerk!  Luckily and rightfully the mall cops grew suspicious and called the Charleston police who arrested him, throwing him to the ground and handcuffing him just in case.  The photographer was arrested for resisting arrest.  While it is not illegal to take pictures in the mall (just ask Santa and his elves), it is illegal to protest when you are being arrested for no reason.  This man spent several hours in lock-up and was released to a criminal complaint and what I’m sure were calls from lawyers numbering in the hundreds.


In Other News:

Man Sentenced For Turtle Trafficking

Former Volunteer Firefighter Acquitted of Arson

FBI Guard Gets Probation For Dressing-Room Spying


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