Mondoo’s Mailbag

15 Dec

Ah, nothing like a little guilt tripping to garner some questions for your mailbag post.  I come from a long line of guilt trippers so it’s no wonder that I’ve perfected the art.  I chose to respond to a few of the questions asked last week and will save the others for a rainy day (i.e. for next time so I don’t have to guilt 141characters readers into submitting mailbag questions).  But enough about me, let’s learn more about me and my opinions below.

Our first two questions this week come from “Kerri,” who was very sweet and wrote in so many questions:

“Do you watch the show Chopped on Food Network? How do you feel about it? If you could pick random ingredients to throw together, what would you choose for the appetizer, entree, and dessert? (sometimes I’ve never heard of the foods they select…)”

No, unfortunately, I do not watch Chopped, which is surprising, I know, given my both my love for all things food and all the time that I have being unemployed and all.  Perhaps I will check it out.

Hmmm… let’s see, if I could put together Mondoo’s Ultimate Menu, what would it include?  I have so many favorite foods that this is nearly impossible but I will do my best:

Appetizer: I’d like to start with lobster bisque, creamy with chunks of fresh lobster.

Entrée: Following the soup, I’d like to start with a chopped salad complete with romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, blue cheese crumbles, and a refreshing vinaigrette dressing; I’d follow that with beef tenderloin cooked medium rare, topped with melty gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic reduction; and complete with sides of sushi rolls (Philadelphia and Spicy Tuna with eel sauce) and soft shell crab.

Dessert: An array of fresh fruits (must include mango, all kinds of berries, and pineapple), molten chocolate lava cake, and Chef Bob’s Hot Chocolate

Beverage: (I added this part) Assuming that this meal will be served following the birth of my spawn, I’d love to include couple glasses of Riesling, champagne, or freshly brewed iced tea with lemon.

Excellent question, Kerri!   I highly recommend this exercise for all foodies.  Feel free to leave you ideal menu in the comments, yum.

“What is your favorite board game?”

I like any board game that allows me to actually compete with my husband.  You see, he’s a freak of nature when it comes to trivia so unless we’re playing a trivia game that is solely about pop culture or celebrity gossip, I cannot compete.  He is also superior at all sporting events because he’s much bigger than me.  It’s really unfair.  I can, however, kick his behind in Uno.

Our next question, that has an obvious answer, comes from “Mrs. Zach Morris:”

“Which is more disappointing to you so far this year….The Office (other than the wedding episode which was equally adorable and hilarious) or the Steelers?”

Although The Office has a better track record of disappointing me, as it has been since the Writer’s Strike, I’m gonna have to go with the Steelers on this one.  Three letters for the Steelers: W-T-F?!  Ugh, wow, I get so upset just thinking about the disappointment of this season that I cannot continue this response.  Instead, I will focus my rage upon the writers of The Office.

Dear Writers of The Office:  I hope that it was worth sacrificing the comedy of The Office to create Parks and Recreation.  That show is terrible and if I were The Office or you, I’d be embarrassed to be in any way associated with it.  Please continue to focus your efforts on making each and every one of the episodes of The Office a pleasant mix sharp wit and subtle heart.  If you forget how to do this, which I suspect that you do, please refer to Season 2.  Sincerely, Mondoo.

Our final questions this week come from “boyswillbboys:”

“How do you feel about the cookie cake pie? Is it too much?

Wow.  Readers, do yourself a favor and click on that link.  Is it too much?  No.  I love when cooks combine foods to create ultimate recipes.  If I could find a way to combine any of the above ultimate menu into one item, I’d do it.  I am puzzled as to why they took the most boring part of the pie, the crust, and used that in the cookie cake pie combination though.  Therefore, I propose this change: cookie crust, pie filling, cake, icing.  An example:  peanut butter cookie crust, vanilla pie filling, chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting.

“What are your favorite blogs? Do you have recommendations for a student affairs professional about to head into finals week who may need some procrastination sites?”

My favorite blog of all time is  I also frequent: perezhilton, TMZ, and WWTDD, because I’m a sucker for celebrity gossip and they fuel my hate-filled posts about celebrities.

But, if you’re looking for procrastination sites, I do have a couple of suggestions:

1)  My husband frequents  It’s a blog of sorts that compiles all sorts of crazy articles, videos, etc.  Some of it is NSFW, so be careful.  Pretty entertaining though.

2)  I’ve lost hours, nay, days, on this website: Timed quizzes about anything and everything.  Some make me feel really smart, others make me feel really stupid.  Either way, they are sure to take up plenty of your time.   Tell your employer “you’re welcome” for me.

Readers, don’t make me guilt you again.  Submit inquiries to Mondoo in one of two ways: 1) Post a comment this Mondoo’s Mailbag post, or 2) Should you wish to remain anonymous, simply send an email with Mondoo’s Mailbag as the subject line and include your alias.


2 Responses to “Mondoo’s Mailbag”

  1. summer December 15, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    parks & rec is the best!!! i’m basically dating aziz ansari in my mind

  2. Kerri December 17, 2009 at 2:31 pm #

    What is the funniest/best prank/practical joke you’ve ever seen?

    My personal favorites:

    1) Use scotch tape to depress the handle of the extending spray nozzle on the sink, soaking whatever poor soul tries to turn on the sink. This was funny mostly because it backfired on my brother and he forgot he had done it, turned on the sink, and sprayed himself.

    2) Walk into a room full of people with a hair straightener/iron/something hot that hasn’t been plugged in and therefore isn’t actually hot, being sure to talk about how hot it is. Pretend to trip and drop the item on someone, watching them scream as they think they’re in for a nasty burn.

    3) (Note: I’ve not actually seen this done, but it sounds funny. It would take a certain type of person to pull this off. My brother Brent is one, and friend Eric is another). When getting on a plane, make a note of the flight attendant’s name and ask him/her for a drink of water, saying that you’ll press the call button once you get to your seat so he/she can find you. Pretend that there’s an intercom in the overhead console, so that when you press the call button you also speak into the ceiling, saying something to the effect of, “Hi Dexter, can I get a glass of water, please?” Lo and behold, “Dexter” should soon arrive with your water, to the amazement of everyone around you. There may be an increase in the number of people who also try to use the ceiling as an intercom…

    Okay, so I realize that my questions are more of comments, because they, more often than not, are accompanied by some rambling thing. I think I just like to hear myself talk. Or write. Sigh. Sorry!

    Next question/comment/follow-up to a question from last week. Do you like word games? Have you heard of/played Bananagrams?

    Next, because Vitamin g brought it up : what are your favorite Christmas cookies to a) eat, and b) make?

    And last for this week: Did you watch The Sing-Off? If so, how did you like it in comparison to, say, American Idol? I really like a cappella, so I thought it was really good. I also liked the groups’ outfits. A lot. My favorites are the Beelzebubs!

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