Cookiewatch 2009

16 Dec

December started off slow on the cookie front.  The first day back at work after Thanksgiving I found myself lingering around the kitchen in the morning hoping someone would deliver a plate of freshly baked Christmas cookies.  Unfortunately that whole week was met with disappointment and some packages of those 100 calorie fake Oreos.  (Note, eating three bags of those things at a time defeats their purpose).  I even bought a few cookies at that cookie place in the mall, but they were stale and tasted of the complete incompetence of the 16-year-old cashier from whom I bought them.

Just when I thought there had been some sort of government ordered cookie embargo, sweets arrived on December 7 in spherical form.  My coworker, cowgirl Sarah, made cake balls.  These are balls of red velvet cake mixed with cream cheese icing and dipped in chocolate.  While these were not cookies, what?  Oh, I lost that train of thought because I was reminiscing over the delicious cake balls.  They reminded me of that SNL skit where Alec Baldwin is endorsing his Schweaty Balls, and they were even tastier than they were fun to talk loudly about.

The cookie flow tempered after that, but turned on with full force starting last Sunday.  My yoga teacher brought in sugar cookies in the shape of people doing yoga poses.  How befitting!  Then Monday, cowgirl Sarah came through again with chocolate chip cookies.  Usually chocolate chip cookies are not my choice in cookie because I am put off by the difference in texture between chip and cookie, but these were an exception.  They were perfectly dense, flat and chewy.  I told her I wanted the recipe but I would really like someone to just make them for me all the time.

And then yesterday another coworker brought in sugar cookies.  These were in the shape of Christmas things like bells and trees and candy canes.  The cookie was cakier than the first cookie and the icing was layered about ½ inch thick.  It is a shame for everyone I work with that my office is the second closest one to the cookie room (or kitchen).

I don’t know what cookies today will bring, or when it will become noticeable that I am the only one that has not brought cookies yet, but I am anxious to see.  I really intended this post to be a cookie review, but as it turns out I love all cookies so far, and no one has tried to put fruit in my cookies yet so I don’t have anything bad to say.  I’m told the grand cookie finale will happen next week sometime when the resident baker in the office brings in plates of 10 different types of cookies.  Maybe then I’ll have gathered enough information and discerning taste for a review, until then you’ll have my updates.  Stay tuned for Don’t-Know-How-I-Got-So-Fat-In-December Watch 2010.


2 Responses to “Cookiewatch 2009”

  1. summer December 16, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    hmmmm i think someone else should get a little cred in the chocolate chip cookies…
    and she has the recipe

  2. Cowgirl Sarah December 16, 2009 at 10:37 am #

    You were going to get some cred, you just couldn’t wait for it! Geez.

    Mmmm… cake balls. They may need to make a post-Christmas reappearance.

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