Christmas Wrap-Up

28 Dec

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got lots of good presents!  This year was my domestic Christmas—I got baking dishes, a food processor, a sewing machine and cookbooks.  Watch out Martha.  Last year was my safety Christmas; for some reason everyone I know thought I needed things that would ward off disaster like a pocketknife, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.  I’m not really sure what changed in my life to make everyone who knows me think I had gone from imminent hazard to capable cook and seamstress, but I definitely consider it progress.

As much as I loved my presents, I don’t think I am capable of the love a toddler has for Christmas presents.  $8 at K-Mart buys some fairy wings and a fake phone and like magic the two-year-old niece was occupied for the entire weekend.  I know a lot of things are about to cost you a lot of money, Mondoo, but it looks like entertaining Christmas presents for your baby does not have to be one of them!

There was almost as much fun in my Christmas as there was food, and there was so much food.  But now Christmas is over and this week is going to be so hard.  This is my first year in several where I haven’t had a month-long winter break from school.  I have a job now, which, I’m happy to say, in some cases led to some truly inspired gift-giving this year, but that means I have to go back to work this week between Christmas and New Years.  I understand that we got lucky this year with a long weekend for Christmas and another one for New Years, but this week is definitely a downhill slide to 2010 and it will be near impossible for me to do anything other than eat leftovers and watch movies.  Case in point, it’s Monday and I’m late for work because inside I know how wrong it is to force productivity during a week that was meant for sleeping in and sledding on lunch trays.  Good luck this week working friends and friends who don’t necessarily have 9 to 5 office jobs but still have to do all kinds of productive things, take it easy, don’t make the rest of us look bad.


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