Love/Hate: 2009

1 Jan

A lot of bloggers out there are reviewing the past year, counting down the best moments of 2009 and so on.  Well, I’m not other bloggers, I’m Mondoo.  And there’s nothing that Mondoo likes talking about more than celebrities and food than herself.  So, for today’s Love/Hate, I’m taking a look back at the year in Mondoo.  Enjoy.


1)  Cruise. The Mondoos kicked off 2009 with our first non-honeymoon vacation, a cruise to Grand Cayman and Jamaica.  Mother Nature and Mr. Mondoo, respectively, did their best to ruin our trip by sending an ice storm to North Carolina and by passing a kidney stone just before the ship set sail, forcing an impromptu trip to the emergency room in Fort Lauderdale.  I didn’t let those difficulties prevent me from pigging out on delicious food, drinking Mango Tangos and caipirissimas, and climbing waterfalls though.

2)  Quitting my job. Man, it was a long time coming.  After three years of supervising obnoxious college students with an undeserved sense of entitlement, it was high time for me to leave that little liberal arts college.  Not to mention that I lived-in.  And since you’re a loyal reader of 141characters, you know that this was not a situation that lends itself to long-term mental health.

3)  Moving to West Virginia. Relocating to the Mountain State has been a pleasant surprise.  Sure, it has its quirks and I do miss the restaurants of southwestern Virginia (see Hate #3) but all in all, WV has its perks, too, and I’m happy to be here meeting new people and discovering new things about this interesting little place.

4)  Road Trip—Everything but World of Coca-Cola. This past August, the Mondoos took another vacation and why the heck not?  Vitamin G was kind enough to invite us to her private South Carolinian island for five days so Mr. Mondoo could play in the ocean like a little boy and I could eat my weight in crab meat and cupcakes.  We then parted with Vitamin G and road-tripped to Atlanta, Nashville, and Louisville—stopping at various Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives along the way.  Yeah, I gained five pounds on this trip and almost died riding a bike but it was so worth it.

5)  Baby. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the life-changing news of Baby.  She’s not even here yet and she’s teaching me how stupid people can be.  She’ll make her debut in 2010, and her arrival is sure to bring a wide array of blog post topics.  Baby, I can’t wait to meet you and use you as blog fodder.


1)  Never getting another job. Wow, have I tried, and still no job.  Which I guess is a bonus for all of you because unemployment leaves me with more time to write hilarious blog posts.  I guess that I could’ve always cleaned balls with Ms. Frizzle.

2)  Leaving Southwestern Virginia’s Restaurants. West Virginia is nice and all and I am happy to be here, but the restaurants were far superior in southwestern Virginia.  Our favorite Mexican restaurant had an all-you-can-eat salsa bar and Mr. Mondoo could get prime rib at his leisure.  Since moving to West Virginia, we have found neither.  Step it up, West Virginia.  How hard is it to make salsas?

3)  Road Trip—World of Coca-Cola. Everything about our road trip was fabulous, the food, the Georgia Aquarium, even visiting lame history stuff with Mr. Mondoo; everything except the World of Coca-Cola.  Let me see, how can I effectively explain the World of Coca-Cola to you?  In a word?  Commercial.  One big, lame, contrived commercial for Coca-Cola.  Do you want to know Coke’s secret formula?  Well Coca-Cola doesn’t want you to know so they made up some bullshit about it being the four Us: Universal Appeal, Uniform Quality, Undeniable Taste (or something equally as stupid, I don’t remember the exact phrases)… and the fourth U… YOU!  All of the drinkers of Coke!  The only thing more insulting than that load of crap was the tasting room.  Imagine all the Coke products of the world, sticky floors, and a bunch of fat, sweaty kids running around, nearly knocking you to the floor to get their hands on some sugary liquid goodness.  If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, spend your money at the aquarium or CNN.

4)  Blizzard of 2009. Although Vitamin G chronicled her Blizzard of ’09 experience, I refrained because it was so incredibly horrible that I didn’t want to relive it.  Snow at Christmastime is so magical.  Except for when you live in a state whose infrastructure resembles that of a third world country.  Our power was out for 30 hours and we couldn’t even escape the boredom because our road was snowed in for a day and a half.  Worst of all, Mr. Mondoo kept suggesting that I read.  Read what?  The internet wasn’t working.  Am I right?!

Here’s to 2009 and best wishes to you all for a fab 2010!  And if you are looking for a New Year’s Resolution?  Try reading more 141characters.


2 Responses to “Love/Hate: 2009”

  1. ganky January 1, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    we should see if we can franchise coach an four in charleston and latrobe!!! prime rib here i come…….


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