My Year In Review

4 Jan

I had grand plans for an end of the year post chronicling the most notable moments of 2009, but then the end of the year happened, and where was I?  Drinking champagne and playing charades.  I would like to note that ringing in the new year that way was a much welcome and much tamer alternative to the way I rang in 2009–in some unnamed city in Rajasthan, India with one good friend, a bunch of strangers, techno music and fireworks of a grade that are surely banned for personal use in the US.  As much as I enjoyed the experience, I was happy that this year everyone spoke my language (except for Mr. Mondoo and my boyfriend who insist on discussing pro wrestling for hours whenever they are together) and the water was clean.

Also distracting me from the Great Year End Post, there are a lot of other posts floating around in my head right now, like part two of that one about reality shows, a response to Rosalie’s comment, and a post about some new music that is just terrible, and a Shakespearean re-telling of Warren G and Nate Dogg’s “Regulate.”   AND, not to mention, Cowgirl Sarah (co-worker, dear friend, Oklahoman and blog frequenter) is now Mrs. Cowgirl Sarah after marrying her long-time sweetheart in an eleventh hour New Years Eve wedding that was as silly and sweet as she is—congratulations!

So, 2009.  Where to start?  Well, first of all I’ll say that a lot of people are doing lists of the best and worst of the entire decade, which is not something that occurred to me until E! forced me to revisit the inauspicious union of Ben Affleck and J-Lo.  First of all, I think it’s lazy for networks to dig up every end of the year compilation for the past 9 years to create an end of the decade review.  Secondly, 9 years is too much for me to remember in one sitting.  So 2009 is all you get.  And it will likely be mostly moments from the latter part of 2009.

Michael Jackson’s death – it was particularly a shame that it took his death for radio stations to begin to play his music again.

Susan Boyle gets her 15 minutes and reminds the world that unattractive people can be talented too.

Twilight Movies spawn the vampire craze and turn every one they touch into a screaming 13-year-old girl.

The iPhone colonizes the entire country, gives smallpox blankets to Blackberries.

That pilot landed his crashing plane into the Hudson River, which was inspiring, but also disconcerting that we still haven’t figured out how to prevent birds from making planes crash.

Tiger Woods shocks the country and definitely adds even more credibility to the tragic sex-addiction that only seems to afflict aging married male celebrities.

Similarly, we are shocked that Michael Phelps, gold medal Olympian and role model, got caught in a picture smoking a bong.  But how can people who are given a lot of money and fame at a young age also be jerks?  It just doesn’t make sense.

Swine flu is the new Y2K.  Except it’s real, and sometimes people die from it.  And there’s a vaccine.  Ok, it’s not like Y2K at all.

I finally started watching The Office.

Angelina Jolie shockingly did not buy or produce any children.

I got a graduate degree, my first grown-up salaried job, a dog, a Coach purse, and a newfound love for all things extracurricular.

Mondoo found out she is having a baby!

Ok, this list may have been more poignant or thought-provoking had I started thinking about it more than 2 minutes before I sat down to write.  Sorry if you were expecting something about Obama’s inauguration or the financial crisis.   I hope everyone’s 2009 was full of good moments and that 2010 only gets better!  Happy New Year!


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