5 Jan

I’ve had to call shenanigans a couple times before on 141characters (here and here).  Honestly, I feel that it’s my duty.  Well, even though I already posted today, I just came across a little celebrity gossip that compels me to not only share with it you but to also call out:  Shenanigans!

Jeremy Piven.  Ugh, he is so gross, is a pig when it comes to the ladies, and blames all of his problems on sushi.  Well, TMZ posted a picture of The Piv here with a huge scar on the back of his head.  The Piv claims that he initially received a scar during the earlier part of his career during some theater days.  Furthermore, he claims that he recently underwent scar reduction surgery and unfortunately, the post-op scarring left his scar even bigger.


If there is anything early episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 have taught me (besides the fact that constantly berating your husband in front of America will result in him cheating on you with a 20 year old and Michael Lohan and ultimately lead to your divorce), it’s that this kind of scar can only be a result of one thing: HAIR PLUGS!  That’s right, Jeremy Piven, I called you out.  That scar is not from theater work and subsequent “scar reduction surgery,” it’s from hair plug surgery.

And while we’re calling out shenanigans, scar reduction surgery?!  SHENANIGANS!  Totally made up.  Especially scar reduction surgery that you claim that made your scar more prominent.   The key word in that procedure is reduction meaning to reduce or MAKE LESS.

And SHENANIGANS to you, TMZ!  Isn’t it your main purpose in life to call out celebrities?  Well, you missed out on a swell opportunity here, people!  So I had to do it for you.  I’m still unemployed if you’re looking to add an excellent celebrity scooper to your payroll.

In short, I’d just like to call SHENANIGANS on Jeremy Piven, for the scar and in general.  You sir, are a douche.


3 Responses to “Shenanigans!”

  1. Jeffffffffff January 5, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

    This totally made my morning. I’d personally like to thank you for this post!

    And yes, Jeremey Piven is a super-douche spectacular.

  2. Matt May January 6, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    You aren’t the only one that noticed:


  1. The Caped Crusader « 141characters - January 8, 2010

    […] Mondoo, where is your shenanigans stamp?  That is the least true thing I’ve heard since Jeremy Piven’s hairplugs cover-up.  Look at Jessica Simpson in her mom jeans.  Look at anyone wearing crocs, harem pants, […]

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