Great Scott!

11 Jan

Last night I went to a Back to the Future party where I watched Back to the Future from beginning to end for the first time since I was 8.  The things that stuck out to me now that I didn’t remember were all the product placement and how weird it is that Doc and Marty are BFF to begin with.  When I was in high school I certainly didn’t have a mad scientist friend whose house I could just walk into.  And the movie starts with Marty walking in and breaking Doc’s giant speaker.  He seems to be completely unfazed by the destruction of what had to have been a very expensive piece of equipment. What kind of friend is that?

I was pretty young in the 80s so I don’t really remember the threat of the Libyans.  All I can say about that is that the Libyans have been pretty quiet for a while, maybe it’s time to start investigating Volkswagen vans and counting our plutonium again.  By now I’m sure they’ve found someone more legit than Doc Brown to help them build their nuclear weapon.

As unpopular as this sentiment is, my favorite Back to the Future is Back to the Future II.  Come on, it takes place in the future!  I love anything containing wild predictions of what future life might be like, and what’s even more entertaining is what the 80s thought the future would be like.  Some things they got right, like videophones, microwave dinners and biofuel.  But where are my self-lacing shoes and hoverboard?  Here I’ve been tying my own shoes and using wheels like a sucker all this time.

When I was getting ready for the party (it was more of a viewing than a party), I tried to find some fun 80s themed things to bring.  I settled on Now & Laters and Pop Rocks, even though there is the risk of eating Pop Rocks while drinking coke and exploding one’s stomach like poor Mikey from the Life cereal commercials.


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