Love/Hate: Breakfast

22 Jan

Mr. Mondoo offered to take me out for brunch on Monday.  What started out as a very sweet gesture on his part turned into a huge predicament for this pregnant lady.  Where should we go?  That depends, what did I want?  Savory or sweet? Ugh, the ultimate breakfast dilemma!  At that very moment, I remembered how much I both love and hate breakfast.  And then in typical pregnant lady fashion, I forgot until late last night when I was toiling over a Love/Hate idea for this week.  God bless, Mr. Mondoo, he kindly reminded me and saved this week’s edition.


1)  My husband loves to make me breakfast. Or he loves to eat breakfast.  I’m not really sure of the motive but at least once a weekend, we wake up and he asks:  “Want to make a big breakfast?”  Who am I to turn down this offer?  He slaves away over waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs and seldom makes me do anything, which is awesome.

2)  The variety. Indulge with me for a moment:  Eggs (scrambled, poached, sunny-side, over-easy, over-medium, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, eggs Benedict, frittatas, and, yum, omelets), waffles, pancakes, donuts, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, grits, hash browns, home fries, oatmeal (if you’re lame like Mr. Mondoo), breakfast burritos, a variety of meats (see Love #5) fresh fruit, fruit juices, milk, coffee, tea, and so much more!

3)  Starving. Is it the pregnancy or is anyone else always starving when they wake up in the morning?  Wow, I could eat my arm off, that’s just how hungry I am.  So I guess the only way fix this problem is either to eat a nice-sized breakfast or get up in the middle of the night for snack.  I’m too sleepy for snacks at 3am so I’ll stick to enjoying one of my favorite three meals of the day.

4)  Biscuits. With jam, jelly, butter, honey, slathered in gravy, or bookending some delicious meat, egg, and cheese combo, I don’t care, biscuits are the most glorious bread product ever.

5)  Meat. Breakfast is the only meal of the day where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a variety of meats all at the same time.  I’d like to see you try to eat that many meats at dinner and see what people say.  Ah breakfast meats!  Sausage (both links and patties), bacon, kielbasa, Canadian bacon (which I thought was just a fancy-ass name for ham but apparently in Canada, it is actually a cut of bacon), and both baked and country ham (I asked a waitress one time if she could tell me what the difference was between country ham and regular ham and her response was: “It’s like country ham.”  Not very helpful).  Man, breakfast is awesome!


1)  My husband won’t make me breakfast for dinner. Or brinner as I like to call it.  I don’t understand how someone who is all about weekend brunch can be so adamantly against brinner.  I mean, did you read Love #2?  Who wouldn’t want to eat ALL of that for dinner?

2)  The savory vs. sweet dilemma. As I’ve previously mentioned, this predicament plagues me each and every time I make my breakfast decision.  Originally, Mr. Mondoo and I were going to dine over brunch at Café Creperi and I was completely ok with this because, well, just look at their menu, YUM.  But then I couldn’t decide between a crepe with bananas and Nutella or a crepe with a more savory option like cheese.  (Side note:  Don’t you just love those Nutella commercials where they insist that Nutella is healthy to eat just because you can spread it on healthy things like whole grain bread and one of the ingredients is skim milk?  Have you ever had Nutella?  It’s far from healthy, but oh so delicious!)  Anyways, I know what you’re thinking, just order two crepes, one savory and one sweet.  I know that I’m pregnant and all but I still can’t eat that much food!  Another option would be for me to order a savory and Mr. Mondoo to order a sweet and share.  I suggested this and he agreed but then revealed that he was going to order a crepe with raisins.  Ew.  Who likes raisins?!  Not Vitamin G, I know this for a fact.  Ultimately, we settled on First Watch and when push came to shove, I ordered the breakfast burrito.  Savory won that time!

3)  Big breakfast, no lunch. The biggest disappointment about eating a big breakfast is that you’re so full that you can’t really eat lunch.  And I LOVE lunch!  One of the main reasons that I love lunch so much is because it’s the only meal of the day where it’s perfectly acceptable to accompany your meal with snacks like potato chips.  Try eating potato chips with dinner, people notice… and they judge.

4)  So unhealthy. If what you’re making is good, of course.  Yeah yeah, there are ways to make breakfast healthy with Egg Beaters, fresh fruit, turkey bacon and such but where’s the fun in that?  But if you’re counting calories or watching your weight then breakfast may not be the best meal of the day for you to indulge.

5)  Cereal. Cereal is so lame and boring and I only eat it when I need a quick breakfast.  You know what’s even lamer?  This ridiculous cereal bar and café, Cereality that I ALWAYS see on the Food Network and the Travel Channel.  I don’t know what is more stupid:  the fact that these people are making tons of money by combining different types of cereal and selling it for insanely high prices or the people who vacantly purchase these cereal concoctions and fail to realize that they can easily purchase their favorite kinds of cereal and combine it with their favorite kind of milk at home for a fraction of the cost.  You know who likes places like this?  Hipsters.  And everyone knows that hipsters are everything that is wrong with this world.  But I’ll save that post for another day.


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