Mondoo’s Mailbag

3 Feb

It’s been a couple weeks but I’ve finally procured enough mailbag questions for a healthy mailbag post this week.  Remember, if you would like to submit a question to Mondoo, simply leave it in the comment section of this post or email!

Our first question comes from Vitamin G.  Remember her?!  From 141characters blogger to 141characters loyal reader, she’s the best: Mondoo, what the heck happened to Usher?  I mean, he was everywhere for like 5 years, and now what?  Am I missing something?

Excellent question, Vitamin G!  And lucky for you, I’m an expert on all things Usher (except, I like to call him Ur-sher) having seen him in concert twice (once as an opening act and once as the main event), memorizing all of his songs, reading his Wikipedia page, and watching his E! True Hollywood Story yesterday.

The long and short of it, Vitamin G, is this:  Ur-sher’s career went downhill when he dumped his long-time manager, HIS MOM.  Momma Ur-sher has never confirmed or denied that the reason she was let go from Ur-sher’s management team but I surmise it was because Ur-sher started dating his stylist, a gold-digging lady eleven years his senior.  Momma Ur-sher did not approve, so much so that she didn’t even make plans to attend his wedding, which he canceled—er—postponed anyway.  But I digress, Ur-sher was too busy making his momma angry, making babies, and marrying (and later divorcing) that gold-digger to concentrate on making good music like my all-time favorites: “My Way,” “Yeah,” and “Caught Up.”  (I promise not to let my impending bundle of joy affect my song writing)

But no worries!  Ur-sher has since re-employed his momma as manager (and divorced his gold-digger) and his new album Raymond vs. Raymond is set to be released on March 30, 2010.  We all can only hope that his recent reunion (and dissolution) will make this album an appropriate follow-up (unlike flop Here I Stand) to his best album ever, Confessions.  Lesson learned:  Mom (at least Ur-sher’s) does know best.

And just for fun, here are some interesting Ur-sher fun facts:

-Ur-sher’s first record deal was almost thwarted by the evil puberty until his mom saved the day by hiring a vocal coach and thus restored his sexy baritone voice.

-Early in his career, Ur-sher was mentored by Diddy (then Puff Daddy).  According to his mother, Ur-sher:  “Got to see the other side of the world.  He did grow up and see a lot of things.”  I learned on another Ur-sher special that this means getting crunk and messing around with many a lady, every night, Diddy-style.

-Following My Way in 1997 and 8701 in 2001, Ur-sher dressed like an urban pirate.

-Hands down, Ur-sher was the sexiest Billy Flynn that Chicago has ever seen.

Question number two comes from the lovely mrs. zack morris: Mondoo, I know from reading your posts that you absolutely love all different kinds of food!  Well, I’m going to be difficult and make you pick your favorite dessert.  If you could eat only one dessert for the rest of your life, what would you choose?  You can be specific or general.  For example, my general dessert would be brownies, but specifically I would choose Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownies. They are delicious and sinful and oh-so-chocolatey!!

MZM, I can understand why you think that this question might be difficult for me given my love for all things food and the fact that I’m pregnant and my cravings change by the minute, but honestly, this was a very easy decision for me.  Hands down if I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life it would be molten chocolate lava cake.  First of all, I love chocolate.  Second, if you’re having chocolate, why not have it in two ways: cake and ganache.  Third, if you’re having chocolate cake, why wouldn’t it be a light, fluffy, moist (ew, hate that word), almost pudding-y chocolate cake?  And fourth, the cake and ganache are best served warm and it simply melts in your mouth.  And when it comes to molten chocolate lava cake, I do not discriminate.  I’ve had these delectable little cakes at fancy dessert restaurants, on cruise ships, and even from the frozen section of Kroger.  All are delicious.

Cowgirl Sarah supplies us with our next question, she writes: Are you a fan of LOST? It premieres next week and I’m sure the internet will be a flutter with all things island-related. I thought you might want to get in your two cents ahead of the media frenzy! I think it’s interesting that LOST maintains a somewhat cult-like following. Most LOST fans are full on obsessed. It’s like Hannah Montana for grown-ups.

Sadly, Cowgirl Sarah, I am not a fan of Lost.  When Lost first hit the scene back in 2004, I, being a fan of all things TV and pop culture buzzworthy, was moderately intrigued.  However, the premiere coincided with my first and subsequent semesters of graduate school.  I had a very limited amount of time to devote towards TV.  However, I was all set to give Lost a chance when I heard a wise old prophet, Regis Philbin, pontificating on the identity of the mysterious unseen creature was roaming the jungle.  He insisted that it was a dinosaur.  I can’t imagine anything more frightening (except for robotic groundhogs) than encountering a real-life dinosaur live and in person.  I made the decision right then and there to not watch Lost.  But, according to my Facebook mini-feed, a lot of people enjoy Lost.  So, good for them.  I hope the premiere last night was everything that they had hoped it would be.  Side note:  I’m especially impressed that you compared Lost to Hannah Montana because coincidentally, fans are also mourning the last season of that beloved show as well.  Well played, Cowgirl.

Our final question comes from my homegirl, Kerri:

What’s something you wish you were really good at but aren’t, or aren’t yet?

I have many but I’ll share just one today:  Golf.  Mr. Mondoo LOVES golf.  And I love Mr. Mondoo.  So, many times early in our relationship, I decided to give golf a chance.  We started out with mini-golf (or putt-putt as it is called in some parts of the country) and I not only competed but dominated at times.  We then moved onto Par 3 courses.  Bad idea.  I couldn’t hit the ball any great distance, I couldn’t putt and suddenly I was transformed into a two-year old complete with tantrums, foot stomping, and club throwing.  Mr. Mondoo vowed to never take me golfing again and I was ok with that.  I don’t like to do things unless I’m good at them and I’m certainly not good at golf.  Mr. Mondoo tried to soothe my anxiety over my golfing inabilities by saying things like “No one is good at golf” and “Things that you aren’t good at can be fun” but I call SHENANIGANS on that.  He’s good at golf and why would you want to do anything that you aren’t good at?  Where is the fun in that?  But sometimes, especially in the summer because you can’t really golf in the winter, I wish that I was good at golf so that I could spend more time with Mr. Mondoo.  Mr. Mondoo is over it though.  He now has his eye on making Baby into the youngest female golf pro in the history of the world and has no interest in teaching Mommy to golf any longer.

A big thanks to these four supportive ladies for writing in this week.  You can be a supportive lady, too, just write in to Mondoo’s Mailbag!


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