Love/Hate: The Super Bowl

5 Feb

Super Bowl XLIV is this Sunday.  Sadly, my team (the Pittsburgh Steelers) is not in the big game this year (yeah I know, they didn’t even make the playoffs, I don’t want to talk about it).  This fact and four other things (see below) make me totally meh about the Super Bowl but there are also many other things (at least five that I can think of, also see below) that make me a little excited for the Super Bowl.  Yes folks, this week’s topic for Love/Hate is, you guessed it, The Super Bowl.


1)  The Commercials. Stereotypically, most females watch the big game for the commercials.  I love football and all but I am no exception to this rule.  Initially, this is what got me interested in the Super Bowl in the first place.  Regardless of the outcome of the game, most people talk about the commercials the day after at work and such.  I’m still unemployed but I certainly don’t like to be left out (must we remember the travesty of Pancakes?) and for that reason, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be tuning into the commercials to see what they come up with this year.  If you’d like to relive some classic Super Bowl Commercials of the past, check out this, it includes a personal favorite (Budweiser Frogs), Mr. Mondoo’s favorite (The Bud Bowl), and an all-time classic (Three words:  Mean Joe Greene).

2)  The Game. I love football, remember?  So, of course, I love the actual game in addition to the commercials.  Especially because it’s the last football that I’m gonna see until September.  Almost nine months.  That’s a long time, trust me, I’m pregnant, I know all about waiting for something for nine months.  Sometimes the Super Bowl is a huge blow out (more below), BORING.  But sometimes, like in the past few years, the Super Bowl can be a really excellent football game.  Oh?  You don’t believe me, well then I dare you to watch this clip (I apologize in advance for the lame commercial in the beginning of the video.  That little kid seems like a real jerk.  Oh and is your life so tough, little kid, that the only place you can get away and watch your stupid cartoon is in the bathroom?!) and not get excited about the game of football, and more specifically, the exciting game that a Super Bowl can be.

3)  The Food. You know from reading my Love/Hate: Football post that one of my true loves when it comes to football is the food.  In that post I listed all of the wonderful foods that accompany football watching.  Well, guess what?  The Super Bowl is a great excuse to not just eat one or two of those football foods but a great excuse to eat ALL of them.  Plus, winter and early spring are devoid of eating holidays (unless you count chocolate on Valentine’s Day, which I do) and that’s completely unfortunate.  Or fortunate if you’ve actually been successful at your New Year’s Resolution. But for me, The Super Bowl is just another excuse to eat loads of good (and bad for you) food, and trust me, I will.

4)  The Puppy Bowl. Not a fan of football?  Well, are you a fan of adorable puppies?!  Who isn’t?!  Well then do I have a non-football alternative for you, the Puppy Bowl!  Even if you do like football, take a break from eating and football watching and watch these little pups pounce, wrestle, slobber, tip over their water bowls, you name it, it’s adorable.

5) Live Blog. If you couldn’t join us for the Grammy Live Blog Event, the Super Bowl is your next opportunity to be a part of the 141characters live blogging phenomenon.  You can either read along with Mondoo and guests OR you can join in on the live blogging experience as a commentator.  Either way, it’s sure to be a good time.  Just log on to 141characters at 6pm on Sunday and tune into the big game on CBS.


1)  The Commercials. Not all commercials can be funny.  There are a lot of “Kristen Wiigs” out there.  A lot of commercials are completely unfunny, some are just racist.  Eeek, Sales Genie.

2)  The Game. As I alluded to earlier, sometimes the big game is a big snoozefest.  Even if your team IS in the Super Bowl… Super Bowl XL anyone?  The Seattle Seahawks can whine all they want about referees but when you really get down to it, the Steelers beat them pretty handily, bad calls or not.  Big Ben had like his worst game of all time and we STILL trounced the Seahawks.

3)  The Half-time Show. I’ve already gotten into it with the half-time show on this blog so I’ll spare you the additional rant, but for all of my thoughts on why the half-time show is completely terrible, check out Coach Mondoo’s Super Bowl Preview.

4)  No Dog in the Fight. No, I’m not talking about the Puppy Bowl.  I’m talking about not being able to root on your home team in the big game.  To be blunt, it sucks, I know.  You feel all meh about who to root for and everyone knows that a game is more fun when you actually have a team to root for.  This year’s Super Bowl is especially hard for me because within the past few years, I’ve grown accustomed to cheering for the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  As for my pick this year, I think Peyton Manning’s commercials are hilarious, but my heart really goes out to New Orleans what with Hurricane Katrina and the fact that this is their first Super Bowl appearance.  I guess if pressed, I’d have to go with the Colts but ultimately, I’d just really like to see the Steelers in the Super Bowl… again.

5)  Kim Kardashian. Ok, hopefully this hate is only specific to this year but since Reggie Bush’s team is in the Super Bowl, how many shots of Kim Kardashian looking happy or anxious from her luxury box are we going to have to endure throughout the Super Bowl this year?  Ugh.  Everyone knows that she doesn’t give a care in the world about football or the Super Bowl.  All she cares about is getting a rock on that finger and baby in her womb.  She’s so over playing second fiddle to her less famous (yet all famous for nothing) sisters.

I hope that you all enjoy the Super Bowl this year and, more importantly, I hope that all of you tune into 141characters Super Bowl Live Blog!


2 Responses to “Love/Hate: The Super Bowl”

  1. summer February 5, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    fyi – the puppy bowl this year features bunny cheerleaders and a hamster crew manning a blimp. yay cuteness!

    • mondoo February 5, 2010 at 10:41 am #

      O.M.G. Did not know that! Thanks for the additional information Summer… I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the adorableness.

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