I have so many questions…

16 Feb

Mrs. Zack Morris and I ran into the below video today on perezhilton.com and although it’s cringeworthy hilarious, we were left with so many questions.  Watch and you’ll understand.

Dear Jilter and Jiltee:  If you happen to come across this blog post, we demand answers to the following questions:

– Was this a set up?  Was this all an elaborate plan to gain national (or regional blog) attention?

– What was the reaction of the crowd?

– Who drove to the game?  And how did the other get home after that debacle?

– Before the incident occurred, did you two eat any good concession stand food?

– Were those season tickets? Mrs. Zack Morris will be glad to take any games against the Pens off your hands.  If they were season tickets, do they do joint custody?  Does she have to pay for them now 50/50?

– Jiltee:  Why would you think it was ok to propose to your girlfriend on the big screen?  Lame-dash-o.

– Jilter:  Why did you say no/get up and leave?  Did it have something to do with the big screen as we suspect?  Or perhaps it’s because he asked you to be his blue shirt bride (That would’ve done it for Mrs. Zack Morris)?

– Jiltee:  Are you available now?  I’m sure there’s a lot of people who celebrated Valentine’s Day alone who would love to know.


Mondoo and Mrs. Zack Morris

***UN-FUNNY UPDATE!*** Perez is now “reporting” (I used quotations around that not arbitrarily like my Pappap does, but to point out that Perez doesn’t actually report.  He uses his minions to post while he dresses strangely and hangs out with Lady Gaga) that this was actually a hoax.  Word on the street is that the Rangers set it up themselves.  I don’t know much about hockey but I do know a thing or two about entertainment and the fact that this was a set-up is not entertaining.  Hey Rangers, maybe concentrate on making your hockey entertaining.  There’s an idea.  RANGERS FAIL.

***FUNNY UPDATE FROM MR. MONDOO*** This one is for real… and HIGH-LARIOUS!


2 Responses to “I have so many questions…”

  1. summer February 16, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    i knew it! that is way too fast for someone to make up their mind and just run off. i feel like most people would just say yes publicly and then tell them the real answer later…

    • mondoo February 16, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

      Be sure to check out the newer update, Summer… you’ll like it.

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