Mondoo’s Mailbag

18 Feb

I’ve been receiving a lot of Mondoo’s Mailbag questions lately.  I approve!  Keep sending them in!  If you don’t see yours answered below, hang tight, I promise that I’ll get to it.  If you’d like to submit a question, just remember that you can either leave it in the comment section below or email it to  Now, onto the questions and subsequent responses.

Our first question this week comes from Kerri:

“When you were little (5-6 years old or so), did you pick out your own clothes, or did your mom dress you? My brothers and I often looked homeless (cute, but homeless) because we generally did the former…”

Interesting question, Kerri.  Well, you see, I’m a twin so for the early part of my life, my mother picked out our clothes and dressed us completely alike.  I’m convinced that she did this because if she hadn’t no one would ever know that my twin sister and I were actually twins, as we look nothing alike.  Around kindergarten, though, we were able to pick out our own clothes.  Not at the store though.  Out of a boxes or garbage bags.  Let me explain.  My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up but we did alright; I mean, Mr. Mondoo did reveal that my family managed to take four Disney World vacations.  But vacations or not, my family loved hand-me-down clothes.  And since our cousins were predominantly older and predominantly female, we got A LOT of hand-me-downs.  Whenever one of my aunts brought over a bag/box of clothes, we opened that sucker with the same excitement and anticipation as Christmas morning.  Sure, there were jeans, sweaters and such—but one time I scored this fancy, velvet, ruffle-y pink and black dress!  Similarly, Mr. Mondoo got hand-me-downs, too, and his most prized find was an acid-wash jean jacket with a faux wool collar.  Can you imagine if we would’ve met each other back then?  The sparks most certainly would’ve flown.  We were hot stuff!  So, yes, we wore hand-me-downs, just like you.  And I guess in our own way, we looked kinda homeless too.

Tangent Alert!  Even though I always got excited about garbage bags full of pre-owned Jordaches, a wardrobe consisting of 80% hand-me-downs always made me feel kinda self-conscious.  Surely, my wardrobe would get mocked mercilessly by rich kids.  FALSE!  It was just the opposite.  In middle school, we got stuck us on the bus that came from a government housing project on the other side of town.  My parents raised us to be polite little girls, of course, and my mom was really concerned about us being nice to these unfortunate souls.  So she gave us a talking-to before the first day of school.  “These kids don’t have a lot.  Times have been tough for them so make sure that you’re kind.”  Well, I guess no one told these kids that they were supposed to be pitied, because they made fun of us the entire bus ride for being rich kids with fancy clothes—and for living in a house!  How rude! Lesson learned:  Don’t be nice to poor kids.

Our next question comes from Vitamin G:

“Is there a television game show that you think you would totally dominate if you were a contestant?  I used to think I would be great on Supermarket Sweep or Price is Right.”

Oh yes—Double Dare.  Trivia and an obstacle course?  I could TOTALLY do that!  Although admittedly grossed out by the “search through fake boogers in a giant nose for a red flag” obstacle (I wasn’t the only one), I loved the fact that for each obstacle that you completed, you won a specific prize.  And then, to top it all off, if you won the entire obstacle course, you got to go to Space Camp!

Initially, I was going to say GUTS (do do do do you have it?!).  But everyone knows that the males totally dominate on that show.  The ladies never stood a chance with the Aggro Crag.

Our last questions this week come from Cowgirl Sarah:

What was your favorite crayon color growing up? I think most kids have that one crayon that is their most favorite and they really don’t want other people to use. I felt that way about daffodil yellow. Not plain yellow, that sucked. Daffodil yellow was the bomb.

Oooooh question number 2: Today I feel the same type of possessive instinct over my favorite leftovers – chinese food! What are your favorite leftovers or do you dislike leftovers? Mmm food.

Honestly, Cowgirl Sarah, I was possessive over ALL of my crayons because they were all my favorites.  I had that giant box of like 100 crayons complete with the crayon sharpener and I thought that I was the shit.  I never let my sisters use my crayons because I was terrified that they would break them, dull the points, or worse yet, lose them.  This fear is totally justified.  I would, however, let my dad use them on occasion.  He is soooo good at coloring.  I remember that distinctly from my childhood.  Baby is in for a real treat when it comes to Pappy’s coloring skills.  Gickie, on the other hand, thinks that coloring is a waste of time, and Mr. Mondoo got in trouble in Kindergarten repeating this creed.  Baby will be so torn.  Anyways, back to your question.  I think that as a child, I was more obsessed with the color names than the actual colors.  I loved Maize, Cerulean, Granny Smith Apple, Macaroni and Cheese.  The more creative, the more I fell in love.

Speaking of love, I LOVE leftovers!  Especially leftovers from restaurants (more specifically Asian or Mexican) although homemade leftovers aren’t so bad either, if they were good the first time, of course.  Otherwise, they sit in our refrigerator until Mr. Mondoo eats them or throws them out.  I’m not one for keeping up with the food in the fridge.  One time we had to just throw out a Tupperware container because it was impossible to clean out the old, moldy, smelly food.  But most restaurant leftovers don’t last too long in the fridge.  They are usually devoured within 24 hours.  I was more apt to sharing my restaurant leftovers with Mr. Mondoo prior to the pregnancy.  Now, he’s lucky to even get a bite and sometimes I eat them as soon as I get home.   AH!  Being pregnant is the best!


One Response to “Mondoo’s Mailbag”

  1. ganky February 20, 2010 at 9:39 am #

    pappy can have coloring but gickie will have play-doh!!! the best of both places for baby.

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