Love/Hate: Today

26 Feb

I mentioned this on my Love/Hate: Winter Olympics from last week but I’m really missing the Today Show.  Because Today is on NBC, it has become so Olympic-centric that I cannot stand it.  I still watch it though.  I need something on in the background while I eek out these blog posts every day.  Thank goodness today is the last day for my favorite anchors in Vancouver.  I really do love Today and I’m anxious for it to get back to its normalcy.  Of course, there are some things that I hate about it, too…


1)  Matt Lauer.  Simply put, Matt brings the sexy to Today.  I don’t care how old, bald, or gray that man is or gets, he’s sexy.  And whether you think he’s sexy or not, anyone living in West Virginia should thank the man for defending our Capital City against the ridicule of that bastard Tom Brokaw.  Mr. Brokaw had just completed a segment on the Miracle on Ice team and asked Matt where he was during this momentous occasion.  Matt, having been employed with WOWK-TV in Huntington, WV, lived in Charleston at the time and mentioned as such.  Brokaw scoffed “I’m glad we got you out of there!”  To which Matt replied, shocked, “Hey now, it’s a lovely place!”  Thank you, Matt, it is.  You’re lovely, too. And Brokaw, you’re from North Dakota.  As a glass house owner, maybe you shouldn’t be throwing any stones.

2)  Al Roker.  Each of Today’s anchors brings something unique to the broadcast.  Al brings a little bit of heart (I mean, don’t you just want to hug him?  Ann Curry does.  More on that later), a little bit of crazy, and a whole lot of sarcasm.  And one day, he brought a can of whoop ass and dropped it right onto Speidi.  I hate Speidi and this whole exchange made me only love Al more.

3)  Meredith Vieira.  If Matt brings the sexy, Al brings the crazy, then Meredith brings the sass (and they all bring sarcasm, which I love in the morning.  And during the rest of the day, too).  I love sass.  Just ask Mr. Mondoo as he’s usually on the receiving end of such sass.  I’m sure that I’ll get mine someday and someday soon, we’re having a daughter in May, remember?

4)  Concert Series.  I LOVE Today‘s Concert Series.  And musicians realize how awesome it is, too.  This is why after 15 years, New Kids on the Block chose the Concert Series venue to begin their comeback tour.  I obliged by being totally late to work and dancing in front of my TV like I was in third grade.  Thank you, Today, for making my dream of an NKTOB reunion a reality.

5)  Willard Scott.  How could you not love seeing this man on your TV every morning?  It’s like someone took your senile grandfather or druncle (that’ drunk uncle for those of you who don’t understand how smashing together two words work) and gave him a segment on Today.  Just take a moment and watch the hilarity:


1)  Ann Curry.  “One of these things is not like the other.  One of these things just doesn’t belong.”  That thing, folks, is Ann Curry.  Al, Matt, and Meredith are all quick-witted, sarcastic folks.  Ann Curry doesn’t understand sarcasm and that’s why she gets so offended and upset when the other three make fun of her or each other.  And what’s with all the touching, Ann?  I mean, you made Brad Pitt uncomfortable and all he wanted to do was talk about his movie.   And let’s not forget how she has such trouble with words such as “everybody” and “good morning.” Hey Ann, it’s no surprise to me why Meredith got the job over you.

2)  Special Correspondent, Jenna Bush Hager. Daughter of former president, George W. Bush was given a job as Today special correspondent in August 2009 for no reason other than she is the daughter of a former president.  She has no education, experience, or training when it comes to broadcasting and this is pretty evident if you’ve ever seen any of her segments.  I’m also convinced that she has voice immodulation syndrome like Jacob Silj.

3)  Same segments every week. Today does get a little bit lazy from time to time and that’s why we’re subjected to the same segments every week like Money 911 and Real Estate.  I mean, really.  How many times can those annoying financial panelists tell us that we should be saving for retirement and to stop deferring on your loans?  We get it.  Or at least I get it and I don’t want to hear it anymore.  Cook something.  Bring NKOTB back.  Anything.  Well, not anything.  I’m over anything about Canada or the Olympic games.

4)  The Fourth Hour.  Talk about a worthless piece of programming.  Regis canned Kathie Lee’s butt years ago and for good reason, why would anyone bring her annoyingness back to TV?  And how valuable can the Fourth Hour really be to the Today brand when most networks don’t even air it following the previous three hours?  It’s not saying much about your programming when they think that The 700 Club can get more viewership at 10am.


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