Fool me once, Trey Songz!

1 Mar

I love Pandora.  I don’t know how many of you 141characters fans utilize Pandora but it’s pretty fantastic if you like listening to free music via the internets (Actually, I’m using it right now… see, sometimes I do turn off the TV).  It’s kinda magical how you choose your favorite artists or genres and it plays all sorts of songs to your liking.  Except this one time, I dunno what song I said I liked but it insisted on playing Matt Nathanson songs every ten minutes.  There are only so many times you can listen to “Car Crash” before you want to poke out your eyes.  Unless you’re a teenage girl or one of the male college students that I encountered while working in higher education during the past three years.  They love that kinda music.  And playing guitars.  I think they think it makes them appealing to the ladies.  It doesn’t.  It just makes you seem like a John Mayer-wannabe and to be John Mayer right now, or anytime for that matter (Vitamin G agrees), is not a good thing.

That was quite a tangent.  I’m really good at that.  So, anyways, Pandora.  Another reason that I dig Pandora is because it introduces you to artists who you many never normally encounter.  Pandora recently introduced me to a young man named Trey Songz.  I’ve heard a lot of his songs (or songz) recently and I’ve deduced that he seems like a nice young man.

First and foremost, “the neighbors know his name…”

He must be one of those people who shovels the walks after a snowstorm or lets you borrow a cup of sugar when you’re baking a special carrot cake for your husband’s birthday.  I wish Trey Songz was my neighbor.  I hate my neighbors.

Trey Songz is also very health conscious.  It’s his girl’s birfday and he’s very concerned about her hydration:  “Go girl its ya birthday, Open wide I know you’re thirsty, Say aah.”

And then there’s this other song called… uh… “I Invented Sex.”  Um, wait a second.  Trey Songz, you fooled me!  You’re not a nice young man at all, you’re gross!


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