Back in My Day: Toys

16 Mar

This is my third edition of “Back in My Day.”  I’ve covered games, then candy, and now toys.  I have some other Back in My Day topics up my sleeve but if there are any that you’d like me to explore, just let me know and we’ll travel down memory lane together.

Now, I had a lot of toys but I can’t possibly write about them all, so I’m just writing about some of my favorites.  Just from a brief conversation with Mr. Mondoo, I realize that some of you will be familiar with these toys while others may not have had the pleasure.   Or maybe we just had different taste in toys, that’s ok, just leave a comment about your favorite toys and we can enlighten each other.

Sit and Spin

GAWD!  I LOVED my Sit and Spin!  I’d play with that thing (sitting and spinning) for hours and I’m not even kidding.  My favorite thing to do was spin as fast as I could, roll off, lie on my back and watch the clouds spin around.  It’s a wonder that I didn’t throw up.  No.  Really.  Because, as a kid, I ate food all the time AND also loved spinning.  If that’s not a combination for vomiting, I dunno what is.

Speak and Spell

Hahahaha, “Don’t tell them that they are learning!  They’re just having fun!”  Because heaven forbid kids actually learn while they are playing.  I was such a nerd kid that I would’ve played with it anyway.  Well, I did play with it anyways.  You’d have to be a really dumb kid (the kind that really needs Speak and Spell) to not realize that you are learning.  I mean, the toy is called SPEAK and SPELL.  But anyways, the most awesome part of this toy was the creepy, robot voice.  Much like the voice from Mall Madness, you could NEVER understand what it was saying.  A little troublesome for a game that involved you spelling what the unintelligible voice was saying.


Mr. Mondoo told me not to include Simon because “Simon is a game NOT a toy.”  Whatever.  It’s not his blog.  I make the rules.  I declare Simon a toy.  A toy that I loved.  And a toy that was always smarter than me.  Simon always won.  Hey!  Wait!  I hate losing… therefore, I hate Simon!  Nevermind.  Stupid game.

Skip It

Ok, I know that as a soon-to-be-parent, I should encourage kids to drop the toys from time to time and get outside and play.  But honestly, as a kid, I didn’t really care for playing outside.  I mean sure, I did it because had a rad clubhouse and a pool and my parents made me but I didn’t like it.  I’d much rather stay inside and watch TV that my grandma didn’t approve of.  One toy that got me out of the house and­—gasp!—exercising was Skip It.  So, thank you, Skip It, for no doubt helping me lose some of my “baby fat.”  Maybe I’ll break out the Skip It this summer to lose this new “baby fat” that I’ve accumulated.

Magic Nursery Babies

Well, that was a fantastic Christmas, I tell you what.  All the little girls in the extended family got Magic Nursery Babies from Grandma.  As I waited in line to dunk my doll’s papery nursery gown in the tub of water to reveal the sex of my doll, all I could do was hope for a boy baby.  All of my dolls were girls, I needed a boy to round things out.  I wonder why I didn’t just pull off the doll’s cap, I could’ve saved myself a lot of anxiety.  To be honest with you, the tub was so filled with yellow goo by the time that it was my turn, I was kinda grossed out by the process and it wasn’t as magical as depicted in the commercial.  Nevertheless, score!  I was the only kid to get a boy baby!  I named him Patrick.

Creepy Crawlers

Creeeeepy CRAWLERS!  Not only a fun toy but a fun ad jingle as well.  I LOVED Creepy Crawlers… well, making them anyways.  I was always confused as to what you were supposed to do with them after you made them.  You could only “scare” Mom with over-sized, fluorescent spiders so many times before it even got old for us kids.  BUT Creepy Crawlers fell into one of Mondoo’s favorite toy categories (just as Fantastic Flowers…made by me!), the crafty, and this is why it makes my top toy list.

Micro Machines

Ok, you got me, I didn’t have Micro Machines.  But Mr. Mondoo did and reminded me of this commercial.  I just had to include it because John Moschitta, Jr. appeared as Mr. Testaverde in an episode of Saved by the Bell and who didn’t love (doesn’t still love) Saved by the Bell?

What were your favorite toys Back in YOUR Day?  Please share.  Unless you’re Mr. Mondoo because I’m sick of your sass 😉


5 Responses to “Back in My Day: Toys”

  1. Mrs Zack Morris March 16, 2010 at 10:02 am #

    That Saved by the Bell episode was on last week!!

    Also, I LOVED skip-it. Did Mr. Mondoo perhaps mention that he got his big, ogre foot stuck in our neighbors once and had to not only remove his shoe, but work really hard to get it out? Sass that, Mr. Mondoo.

    • mondoo March 16, 2010 at 11:28 am #

      He did not! Thanks for the ammunition! 😉

  2. Nic F March 16, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    I had all of those toys, I stole the micro machines from my brother.

  3. Cowgirl Sarah March 16, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    Loved the Speak and Spell. A great idea for the career-oriented pre-schooler.

    I’m going to go ahead and throw into the mix a few of my favorites: My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets. The best part about old school Polly Pockets is that they were totally a huge choking hazard by today’s standards but luckily none of my friends ever had a tragic Polly Pocket incident. And that’s why they were cool… because they were so small… small enough to fit in your pocket even.

    But the very best of all: Popples. Enough said.

    • mondoo March 16, 2010 at 5:07 pm #

      How did I forget about Popples?! I had two… a mini purple one and a big pink one… all bought at Children’s Palace- my all-time favorite toy store.

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