Mondoo’s Day Out

15 Apr

Have I mentioned that I’m unemployed and rarely leave the house?  Oh.  A couple of times?  This makes blogging about life pretty difficult at times.  But today, yes, today was one of those rare occasions where I did elect to leave the house.  I love leaving the house because every time that I do, something fun happens and then bam!  A blog post!  Oh my.  I hope that I haven’t built it up today’s field trip as something incredibly funny.  Maybe moderately funny.  Anyways, read on.

My baby appointments are weekly now so Mondoo’s Day Out started with a trip to the doctor’s office.  I walked into the medical center and headed towards the stairs as usual.  (The office is only on the second floor.  No worries, not too strenuous for a pregnant lady).  But my access was denied because they were “pressurizing the stairs” (whatever that means) so I had to take the elevator.  It was at that time that I realized that I have been intentionally avoiding elevators since I’ve been pregnant.  I think it’s because TV has conditioned me to believe that if I, in my third trimester, use an elevator, it will make me go into labor and then the elevator will break down, leaving the randoms in the elevator to deliver my baby, without the necessary drugs.  I can’t have that.  I’ll take the stairs.

But not this time.  While in the elevator with two older ladies and a young woman, one of the older women complimented the young woman by saying “There’s something so beautiful about a tall redhead.”  She then caught a glimpse of me and said, as an after thought, “Well, except for a pregnant woman.”  Yeah thanks, Ellen DeGeneres.  Then, she rubbed my belly without asking. Until this moment, I have not had a stranger touch my belly unwarrantedly.  This was one pregnancy milestone I was hoping to avoid.  No dice.

After my appointment on the way to the grocery store, I heard a radio ad for Subway.  They will now let you (like they didn’t before?) add pepperoni to any sandwich for a small fee.  “Pepperoni is the new bacon” they said.  Now, Subway, pepperoni is amazing but it’s no bacon.  Sorry.

I finally made it to the grocery store and it was pretty uneventful until checkout.  Right in the middle of packing my groceries, the middle-aged mute male bagger, stopped and walked away towards the produce section and just started aimlessly walking around.  Yeah, thanks for your help.

Stay tuned for more exciting stories.  If I decide to leave the house again.


One Response to “Mondoo’s Day Out”

  1. ganky April 15, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    take it from me–there is NOTHING worse than non-family members touching you …pregnant or not!! did you hear that george samella??????

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