About Us & 141 Characters

Welcome to 141characters!  Why 141 characters, you ask?  Simply put, our genius cannot be contained within Twitter’s confines.  This is a blog started by two wordy young ladies, Mondoo and Vitamin G, who live in West Virginia. Recently, Vitamin G decided to part from the blog (read all about it here), but Mondoo is still in action writing about life, love, celebrities, food, her current status as unemployed, her first pregnancy, more about food, basically anything she wants because it’s her blog now, MWHAHAHAHA!  Here at 141characters, we don’t wish to insult anyone, but we assume it will happen.  We’re just sharing our opinions (rather sarcastically, might we add), so if you disagree, don’t get upset, just leave a comment and a healthy discourse will ensue, (if we feel like responding to your ridiculousness).  So enjoy the reflections, thoughts, journalistic accounts, sarcasm, celebrations, and broodings.  Mondoo is completely open to being paid to blog her daily thoughts.  Send all inquiries to 141characters@gmail.com.  Seriously.


One Response to “About Us & 141 Characters”

  1. momromp December 19, 2009 at 9:51 pm #

    I like your blog. Very clever name, by the way. Looking forward to following you on here!

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