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Go Viral: Part Three

24 Jun

I thought that I’d ease back into posting again by throwing out the third and final part of my “Go Viral” series.   Plus, it bides me a little more time to create an original comeback post.

“Um… alright… you’re… uh… a good zombie.”

“No… I’ll leave them on… I like them.”

“What?!  OK!”

“Women have Mason-Dixon Lines?”

(No… I can’t embed this one,  you’ll just have to click on it,  wah wah.)



Go Viral: Part Two- Cleveland Edition

10 May

Well, Baby STILL isn’t here so I have more videos to keep us all entertained.  Today’s videos are brought to you by the City of Cleveland where Mondoo lived for a couple years.  I still think these videos are funny even if you haven’t lived in or visited Cleveland, so enjoy!

“Sports?  Pornography?  Stuff like that?”

“Come and look at both of our buildings!”

“This train is carrying jobs out of Cleveland!”

“Our economy is based on LeBron James!”

“The Flats look like a Scooby Doo ghost town!”

Go Viral: Part One

5 May

I have two and a half weeks (gah, I hope that’s all!) left in my pregnancy and Mondoo is BORED!  Mr. Mondoo and I have successfully completed all of the baby education classes that I forced us to take (we can birth, diaper, and CPR our baby with the best of ’em and have the certificate to prove it!), the nursery is complete, and the house is clean.  What else is a nine-month pregnant lady supposed to do?  Well, lately, I’ve been so bored that I’ve been re-watching classic viral videos.  Guess what?  They’re still funny!  I thought that I’d share some of my favorites with you.  Today, I share Part One (oh yes, the first of many):

“I can’t breathe!”

“That’s only in the mornin’ you ‘posed to be up cookin’ breakfast or something by then!'”

“Where da gold at?”

“You got a Daytime Emmy, you ain’t supposed to be doing this!”

“Whay y’at?!”