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I’m not the only one…

15 May

… who hates Ke$ha.

Check out this parody of “Tik Tok” on College Humor!


Go Viral: Part One

5 May

I have two and a half weeks (gah, I hope that’s all!) left in my pregnancy and Mondoo is BORED!  Mr. Mondoo and I have successfully completed all of the baby education classes that I forced us to take (we can birth, diaper, and CPR our baby with the best of ’em and have the certificate to prove it!), the nursery is complete, and the house is clean.  What else is a nine-month pregnant lady supposed to do?  Well, lately, I’ve been so bored that I’ve been re-watching classic viral videos.  Guess what?  They’re still funny!  I thought that I’d share some of my favorites with you.  Today, I share Part One (oh yes, the first of many):

“I can’t breathe!”

“That’s only in the mornin’ you ‘posed to be up cookin’ breakfast or something by then!'”

“Where da gold at?”

“You got a Daytime Emmy, you ain’t supposed to be doing this!”

“Whay y’at?!”

Strange Love

4 May

I love Love.  I love being in love.  I love the above picture.  I love coffee.  And the thing with love is that all people are free to love whomever (or is it whoever?  Honestly, I never know.  If you do know for sure and have a neat little trick to remember it, let me know.  But if you’re going to let me know the correct answer via ridicule, keep it to yourself.  I don’t love a smug grammar know-it-all.  No one does, actually.  It’s annoying.) OR whatever they want.  I’m not here to judge.  But I am here to share and laugh/cringe my ass off.   Feel the love, everyone!

Love in 2-D (The New York Times Magazine)

German Man Marries His Cat (Perez Hilton)

Woman and Grandson Become Lovers (Perez Hilton)

Chef Dies from Eel up his Butt (Perez Hilton)

Ok, this last one isn’t really about love but it was just too strange not to share!