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It’s time, Baby!

14 May

Time is passing by and we’re STILL waiting on Baby.  Mr. Mondoo and I, along with other family members and friends, have been doing everything from pleading (Puh-leaze, Baby!) to threatening (“I won’t buy you cute shoes if you aren’t born soon!”) to using reverse psychology (“Oh Baby, please don’t come out this weekend, we’re having a cookout!”) on her in order for to make her debut.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been working.  So, I thought that I’d develop a list of reasons that she should be born:

Mommy and Daddy want to have dance parties.  That’s right. Mommy and Daddy love to dance and one of our main reasons for having you was so that we could include more people in our dance parties.  Plus, you’ll look adorable not swaying to the beat in your diaper.

You have so many adorable clothes.  Seriously, every time your grandmas and aunts are within radius of baby clothes, they buy them for you, so we have a TON.  And, at least Mommy, plans to dress you in all of them and play “fashion show” purely for her own amusement.

Daddy loves to grill.  Ribs, chicken, burgers, sausages, pulled meats, you name it, he grills it.  And it’s delicious.  I know that you’ll be too small to enjoy the grilled-ness for a while but Mommy and Daddy have big dreams of you gumming down a Kansas City Sticky Rib as you sit, dressed only in your diaper, in your highchair.  Don’t disappoint.

We’ll play tricks on Daddy.  To benefit Mommy, of course.  Daddy isn’t going to be able to tell you no…ever.  So, anytime Mommy wants something like ice cream, I’ll put you up to it.  You’ll look at him with your cute-self, bat your eyelashes, and ask for a cold, sweet treat.  And who will he be to deny you ice cream?  Just remember that Mommy likes hand-dipped ice cream.  No soft-serve for her.

You’ll have Mommy’s undivided attention.  Mommy doesn’t have a job.  And she’s been really slacking at blogging lately.  So you know what that means?  You’ll have Mommy ALL to yourself.  Daddy will have to go to work but that’s ok.  The more money he makes, the more you and I can spend on lunch dates, pedicures, and pretty baby girl clothes.

Daddy needs a vacation.  Or Mommy wants him to take a vacation.  I’m not sure which is more accurate.  Nevertheless, you give Daddy the perfect reason to take some time off from work.  Mommy loves having Daddy at home.  Because he’s around to reach things off of high shelves, lift heavy objects, and kill bugs.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that he grills things?

So, you see, Baby, you need to come out.  If these reasons don’t convince you, then I don’t know what will.