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And we’re baaaack!

21 Jun

Saturday Night Live – Z-105 – Video – NBC.com.

It’s been awhile but Mondoo is back from maternity leave!  I’m sure the five of you who are still interested in this blog are really excited.  Now,  I’m not promising any frequency or quality, I do have a newborn to care for after all, but I’ll do my best.  So, stay tuned for some 141characters posts this week!

(P.S. Yeah, it would’ve been nice to have an embedded video rather than a link.  Stupid WordPress).


141characters Site News

19 May

141characters is happy to announce the birth of Baby Mondoo!  Mommy and Baby are doing well and thinking of new blog posts as we speak.  Hopefully they aren’t all about labor, breastfeeding, pooping, etc.  That would be lame… and gross.  Posts may be sparse for a bit.  Yeah, what else is new, right?  Mondoo does have one saved in a draft that was ready to go for Monday but Baby Mondoo decided to come first!